Additional Details About Summoners Wars: Chronicles Has Been Released By Its Developers

Despite having a massively successful franchise, developer Com2Us is still looking to expand with Summoners Wars: Chronicles, a new upcoming MMORPG based on the popular game Summoners Wars.


At Gamescom 2021, Com2uS unveiled a new video clip featuring an interview with the makers of the next massive multiplayer online role-playing game, Summoners War: Chronicles. For the first time, certain in-game elements, such as screenshots, were made available to interested fans and players. In the interview clip, Eun-jae Lee, who is the executive producer and in charge of the development of the said game, appears and introduces various and specific information about the game that was previously unknown, such as the game's core contents, character details, and the overall development process.

There was a lot of interest in the unique appearance of the monsters that inherited the Summoners War IP as well as the Summoners that lead the story of Chronicles like Orbia, Kina, and Cleaf, from game fans all over the globe. Summoners War Chronicles is based on the IP of Summoners War, which has a large fan following all over the world. By adapting the primary content of Summoners War, the summon system, to fit the MMORPG genre, fans will be able to enjoy a whole new adventure and conflict.


Through battles fought as a team against summoned Monsters, users can experience the excitement of strategic play. They can also fight with colleagues as a team on continents with various concepts such as deserts or glaciers, and solve gimmick elements such as traps and puzzles in content such as dungeons, among other things. The game is expected to be released in 2022 for mobile devices such as iOS, Android, as well as Windows PC devices.


Here is the game's official game description:
Summoners War: Chronicles is a brand new MMORPG in the globally-popular Summoners War universe. Players will find themselves in a time before both Sky Arena and Lost Centuria, where they slip into the role of a Summoner with distinct skills and appearances. As they venture through sheer endless continents, players will encounter grasslands, deserts, elven forests, glaciers, volcanos, and more immersive surroundings with unique attributes. These places are home to various known monsters from Sky Arena, and creatures that are new to the world of Summoners War. Naturally, Summoners War: Chronicles will offer a wide choice of PvE and PvP challenges.


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