ADR as a role has now died


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May 11, 2015
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After 7 years of having the regular comp of having Top/Jungle/Mid/ADR/Support, the new patch has killed it off and has now been seen rarely in the competitive scene.

Even the great Doublelift of NA had to succumb to the changes and played Vladimir at bot against GGS and LOST 3/20, Rekkles playing as the secondary support Janna for the midlane Kai'sa, and even King Faker himself playing Darius at Bot Lane.

This patch has been such a big change that roster changes had to be done by benching even Sneaky, C9's star player. ADCs from teams are now in danger of being benched for being only good at their job as ADC.

To kick off the discussion, was this patch all in all good or bad?

Do you miss the win Bot win game meta?
Do they need to make ADRs relevant again?