Advance Enchantment Quest Guide Discussion


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Nov 4, 2018
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Hey guys shayln here to bring you the 3rd level enchantment quest, which is unlocked at lvl70.

When you reach lvl 70, go Geffen to find the cat NPC.

quest was :
Step1: 3 light particles from Angelring (光粒)
Step2: 3 star corners from Phreeoni (星星的角)
Step3: 3 Screws from Maya (零件)
Step4:Kill Khalitzberg in SOUTH OF PAYON
Step5:10 cat tokens
which you can buy with 10 friend points from the cat npc or 50k zeny from the item merchant in prontera)

lvl3 Enchantment Effect


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May 8, 2019
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Better to have it than no enchant at all

Advance Enchantment Quest! (Level 70 unlock quest, must complete basic enchant quest)

1. 3 Light Granule from Mastering/Toad requested by Cat NPC
2. 3 Star Crumb from Dragonfly requested by Cat NPC
3. 3 Parts from Rotar Zairo requested by Cat NPC
4. Kill Khalitzburg in SOUTH OF PAYON (very easy)
5. 10 cat tokens (You can exchange 10 friendship proof to 1 Mora Coin with the Cat Friend npc or 50k each zeny from the Hokkala Kim - Old Man in prontera)
Step6: You're all set, good luck with enchanting!