Advantage of Playing Multiple Characters in Ragnarok M


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Sep 20, 2018
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There will be a "switch class" function..

So alternate characters from same account is important..

For example.. Your main Character class is a Knight and you have Wizard and Priest for your alternate char.. You can switch from your Knight to either Wiz or Priest.. (For Free)

also you can buy other classes with premium currency..

So better to choose a better alternate class.. Because it is going to be usefull in the near future of your main class

And Much better if you focus on 1 account and 1 char only on early games..

There will be a shared storage.. Even if there is no Player to Player Trading system..

Mini / Mvp hunting is the best way to get rich..

If you can play 2 accounts.. Better to create a Slave priest..
There is a trick that only your main char will get the drops.. So dont worry about the drops..

So you can solo the drops of Mini and Mvp..

And the most Useful or in demand class in this game..

Tank and Priest..

Easy to find party for endless tower or MvP hunting..

Sin is the most ignored class in this game.. (Early game) no body wants Sin on their party when it comes to Endless tower..

And the only benefits of having multi accounts are..

1st.. You can have a 1 man team..

2nd.. You can solo ET, Guild Raid, Daily quest , and Mini and MVP..

3rd.. And if you want to be a business man later.. (RMT)