Adventure Book Guide [4th Auto Skill Unlock]

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Nov 4, 2018
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Hi guys, many ppl asked how to unlock the 4th auto skill. The Answer is reach Rank D adventure. If you wanna gain adventure exp fast, below is the tip for you:

1. Kill Mobs & Take Pictures to Unlock Mob Data; You may notice when you kill a certain number of mobs you can get extra adventure exp, like 2000/10000/20000 mobs. After you finishing 20k killing, you can use the mob’s picture as your profile.
2.Craft Headgears. You can get the recipe from the smile girl “微笑小姐” in different cities. But this recipe will cost you a certain poring coins. So I would recommend you to do labs every day to get the coins. What’s more, crafting headgears will give you permanent bonus. [Poring coins Guide]
3.Talk to all the npc in every map.
4.Take photos for buildings
5.Cards...Emmmm....since the drop rate for me is 0.00000000000001%, I don’t know how to unlock this achievement. XD Note: Only the card you get from mobs can be used to unlock the album.

Rank F = lvl 10 Adventurer
Rank E = lvl 15 Adventurer
Rank D= lvl 20 Adventurer [Unlock 4th Auto Skill after you finish Rank D Quest]

Rank F/E/D Quests Guide

You will need those adventure points for some useful adventuer skills. (Credit to Clo for this translation)

Credit to Uncle Cat (猫叔), He collected all building pictures and shared it on XinDong BBS. I just do some translation work.
Note: Under lvl40, you wont be attacked by aggressive mobs, so you can feel comfortable to finish all the building & mobs pictures.

You can click the picture for better version.