Adventure Log Update Brings New Quests to Black Desert SEA

Pearl Abyss announced today that a new Adventure Log has been added to Black Desert SEA. Adventurers can now experience a series of new quests while collecting a great amount of rewards through new events starting this week.

Dorin Morgrim's Secret Journal is now available for those who are level 56 or above and have completed a special quest from the Black Spirit. They can complete this new log by delivering certain items to Morgrim, who will reward successful Adventurers with great items along with increased drop rate buffs.

The Goddess of Luck is offering a series of events until June 3. Shakatu Merchants' Gold Bars will be awarded to Adventurers for logging in, hunting, gathering, and fishing. Adventurers can then craft a Gold Bar Box using 10 Shakatu Merchants' Gold Bars, which contains exclusive rewards. Moreover, Adventurers can participate in the dice rolling event where they will get various rewards for rolling the dice up to five times each day based on their playtime. Item Collection Increase Scrolls are also available for purchase with silver.

The "Life Skill Season" event will also continue to run this week, and Adventurers who take on life skill quests such as gathering, fishing, manufacturing, and cooking will be rewarded handsomely. To top off the list of bountiful events, a Hot Time event will be running this week where Adventurers can get 100% Combat EXP and 20% Skill EXP buffs for 24 hours every day until May 27.

Seoul, South Korea, May 20, 2020

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