Adventure RPG for Mobile Ark Legends has started its closed beta test

The most-anticipated mobile RPG from Melting Games, Ark Legends, entered closed beta for Android users yesterday.

ark legends.jpg

The game entered its closed beta test yesterday. To those that didn’t make the cut, don’t be sad, instead you can set your eyes to the prizes that you can get if you pre-register in the game via its official website because aside from the usual in-game items, you can also win a pair of AirPods or an Amazon voucher.


In case you’re wondering what’s with all the buzz, Ark Legends was first officially revealed this spring and has generated lots of interest from players because of its polished 3D visuals and fun characters.


It is an adventure RPG set in a floating city. Here, you’ll either recruit new characters or work together with other players in the Immersive Battle Arena to fight demons. There are six different factions and six alignments that the game’s heroes belong to including the Empire, Wild Willows, Holy Court, the Predator, the Alliance, and Ethereans.


The game’s characters also boast bold and vividly drawn personalities. Aside from that, they also have their own unique attacks and skills that you can take advantage of to compose a team of leveled-up heroes with the best possible combination of abilities, roles, and alignments.


You will also have a role to play in the game. You will be the explorer who has lost all memories and was woken up in the Land of Ark by the adventurers that pass by in the ruins. In order to retrieve your lost memories, you with the Ark adventure squad will be shuttling between states to solve various problems and as you go along through the campaign, your memories return.


And if your interest is not piqued enough, you can make your own record in Ark Legends by joining the Content Creator Program set up by Melting Games to let players have a say. There will be in-game rewards and exclusive privileges that will be given as rewards.