Adventure RPG Maple Heroes has finally been released!

The highly anticipated adventure game Maple Heroes has finally been released. Players can now dive into the game’s immersive and boundless world. Discover talking mushrooms, formidable cow-headed traders, and legendary dragonborns as you go on a journey through the extraordinary universe of the game.

maple heroes.jpg

In the game, there are four professions that players can choose from, which are Knights, Rangers, Mages, and Priests. Choose the profession that appeals to you the most, especially one that fits in your combat strategy and preferred playstyle. With each profession has its own set of unique skills and methods, surely, there will be a profession that will perfectly fit you.

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Aside from the characters, the game also features a highly personalized fashion boutique that players can use to customize their chosen character. From hairstyles, weapons, tops, pants, and even a mix and match of makeup, everything can be found in the fashion boutique. Customize your character to your heart’s content to make an excellent, stylish appearance that depicts your distinct style and personality.

maple heroes 1.png

Maple Heroes also has guilds that will provide players clear objectives to attain growth and advancement. Complete tasks continuously so that the characters will also gradually increase their strength to become powerful adventurers. You can also acquire fashionable attire through this method.

So what are you waiting for? Head now to the amazing world of Maple Heroes!