Aether Gazer set to have a Global release in Q4 of 2022

Aether Gazer, a 3D action mobile game, will have international servers in English for iOS and Android in Q4 2022 in North America, Europe, and SEA, according to Yostar Games, the creators of Azur Lane and Arknights. The game claims to deliver an engaging narrative along with challenging 3D action gameplay, all in superb visual detail.


Numerous outstanding mobile games have been developed over the past few years as a result of the growth of internet gaming, eSports, and accessible games through mobile devices. As a result, later this year, a new game from China-based Yostar Games will be released on mobile platforms.

The brand-new role-playing game "Aether Gazer" combines amazing graphics, action-packed gameplay, and the typical range of connectivity features seen in the majority of modern smartphone RPGs.


In terms of gameplay, the game will let players to create three-man teams with two AI-controlled allies, while also including elements of real-time action RPGs. The game is set in the imaginary world of Gaea, which includes a variety of in-game landscapes, characters, and an engaging plot.

A team of the world's brightest brains was charged with developing a method to upload human consciousness into Gaea.Zero, a supercomputer floating in space, as humanity was on the verge of annihilation. Although the physical body may have been destroyed, the person's spirit and mind will continue to exist in a digital form in a world where Gaea performs its own computations for its citizens.


The digital world is divided into various regions, each with its own set of beliefs. For example, the Sananmi district is based on agriculture and religion, while the Neuhansa region is an industrial area that is home to Spealight Industries, the largest AGI mech company in Gaea, and where there are rumors that the business intends to build its own AGI mech legion to seize control of the system.

The goal of Aether Gazer is to uncover what is happening behind the scenes in Gaea and put a permanent end to it. Players command one member of a three-person squad, with the other two being AI-controlled. Gameplay and action to rival Punishing Gray Raven are to be expected.


Aether Gazer is giving away free items at Anime Expo. Players should follow Aether Gazer's official social media accounts and repost the recently pinned post in order to receive free goodies at Yostar's booth, #206. Players that are interested in the newest updates should visit the game's official website.

Players shouldn't have to wait too long since the game was already made accessible in China in April 2022 and the global release is only a matter of months away.