AfreecaTV Valorant SEA Invitational 2022 Details: Teams, Schedule, Result, Format, and More

The AfreecaTV Valorant SEA Invitational is an official Valorant off-season tournament that takes place online with a total prize pool of US$25,000 (PHP 1,400,350.00). The tournament has already taken place from November 29th to December 4th. It featured the best teams from the SEA region.

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All 16 teams from Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam were given direct invites to participate in the competition, which has been divided into two stages, Group Stage and Playoffs. Unlike normal tournaments, which only the Top 3 or Top 5 that get to take home the prize money, all teams from this event walked away with a chunk of the total prize pool.

Here’s the complete details of the AfreecaTV Valorant SEA Invitational that was organized by AfreecaTV and ONE Esports:


The 16 invited teams that came from Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam will be competing in the Group Stage. This is where the Top 8 teams that will compete in the Playoffs will be decided.

FW EsportsThailandC
Team NKTThailandA
SR NacaguePhilippinesC
South Built EsportsPhilippinesA
Rex Regum QeonPhilippinesB
Alter EgoIndonesiaC
Bigetron ArcticIndonesiaA
BOOM EsportsIndonesiaB
Dewa UnitedIndonesiaD
Bleed EsportsMalaysia/SingaporeD
Fancy United EsportsVietnamD
Wolves XVietnamB
Dominus EsportsVietnamC

Schedules and Results

The Group Stage took place from November 29th to November 30th. While the Playoffs took place from December 1st to December 4th.

Group A
MatchStageDateTime (IST)ScoreWinners
BTR vs SBEOpening Match29 November11:15Ascent | 14-12BTR
MiTH vs NKTOpening Match29 November12:20Haven | 13-8MiTH
BTR vs MiTHWinner Match29 November15:35Bind | 14-12BTR
SBE vs NKTElimination Match29 November16:40Breeze | 9-13NKT
MiTH vs NKTDecider Match29 November19:55Bind | 13-10MiTH

Group B

MatchStageDateTime (IST)ScoreWinners
BME vs RRQOpening Match29 November13:25Fracture | 12-14RRQ
FS vs WXOpening Match29 November14:30Breeze | 13-3FS
RRQ vs FSWinner Match29 November17:45Haven | 13-15FS
BME vs WXElimination Match29 November18:50Ascent | 13-4BME
RRQ vs BMEDecider Match29 November21:00Ascent | 8-13BME

Group C

MatchStageDateTime (IST)ScoreWinners
AE vs NCGOpening Match30 November11:15Pearl | 13-8AE
FW vs DominusOpening Match30 November12:20Bind | 13-2FW
AE vs FWWinner Match30 November15:35Icebox | 7-13FW
NCG vs DominusElimination Match30 November16:40Pearl | 13-5NCG
AE vs NCGDecider Match30 November19:55Icebox | 13-15NCG

Group D

MatchStageDateTime (IST)ScoreWinners
DUE vs FUOpening Match30 November13:25Ascent | 2-13FU
XIA vs BLDOpening Match30 November14:30Icebox | 13-11XIA
FU vs XIAWinner Match30 November17:45Fracture | 9-13XIA
DUE vs BLDElimination Match30 November18:50Ascent | 2-13BLD
FU vs BLDDecider Match30 November21:00Haven | 13-11FU


MatchStageDateTime (IST)Map 1Map 2Map 3Map 4Map 5Winners
BTR vs FUQuarterfinals1 December13:20Ascent | 9-13Haven | 14-12Icebox | 13-6N/AN/ABTR
FS vs NCGQuarterfinals1 December16:40Pearl | 8-13Icebox | 10-13Ascent | -N/AN/ANCG
FW vs MiTHQuarterfinals2 December13:20Haven | 7-13Fracture | 8-13Ascent | -N/AN/AMiTH
XIA vs BMEQuarterfinals2 December16:40Breeze | 20-18Fracture | 5-13Icebox | 7-13N/AN/ABME
BTR vs NCGSemifinals3 December13:20Breeze | 9-13Icebox | 13-8Ascent | 14-12N/AN/ABTR
MiTH vs BMESemifinals3 December16:40Haven | 13-2Ascent | 13-3Fracture | -N/AN/AMiTH
NCG vs BMEThird Place4 December11:20Breeze | 10-13Icebox | 9-13Ascent | -N/AN/ABME
BTR vs MiTHGrand Final4 December14:40Breeze | 4-13Ascent | 12-14Fracture | 8-13Pearl | -Haven | -MiTH


After dividing the 16 invited teams into 4 groups with 4 teams each, every group competed in a double-elimination bracket in a single game affair. The top two teams from each group after the Group Stage have then proceeded to the Playoffs. The Playoffs has also followed the double-elimination bracket but every match was a best-of-three series, excluding the grand finals which was a best-of-five series. The winner of this tournament is hailed as one of the strongest teams in the SEA region and they also took home the lion’s share of the prize pool.


The total prize pool of US$25,000 was split among the 16 teams. The money they took home was decided through their overall ranking in the tournament.

The tournament was broadcasted live over multiple streaming platforms such as YouTube and AfreecaTV, which is a South Korea-based video streaming service. The live broadcast was in English, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.