Age of Empires: Mobile has finally opened its pre-registration for both Android and iOS devices

Xbox Game Studios finally announces that their long-awaited strategy game, Age of Empires: Mobile, will be coming to mobile devices. Recently, the game’s pre-registrations for both Android and iOS have opened. Along with it, the expected release date was also revealed which is set on the 19th of August 2024.

age of empires.jpg

Microsoft first announced the game during the Age of Empires’ 25th-anniversary livestream in October 2022. Then in late November 2022, the game’s developers opened several social media channels for Age of Empires: Mobile.

To pre-register the game, you can visit the game’s official website. From there, you can either click the App Store button if you are an iOS user or the Google Play Store button if you are an Android user. Click either and it will directly take you to the chosen play store. After that, complete the process by clicking the Pre-order or Pre-register button.

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As pre-registrations are now ongoing, of course the game also has its set of pre-registration rewards. Once the expected milestone is reached, players can get the corresponding rewards. Currently, the game has a target of 3M pre-registration.


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