Age Of Mythology (Voobly multiplayer)


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Feb 26, 2019
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Hi im Rambotas Voobly Game moderator of Age of Mythology The Titans. We want to tell you Age of Mythology the Titans original game has a competitive (with rateds) multiplayer going on and with staff (in difference to other systems that dont have staff in developing and in regular management), this is system is voobly. We care about the community and have done what anyone has done since ESO 2006, balance the game with experts and work in the multiplayer game providing the best system possible.

The game keeps on being one of the best and more originals RTS games. We recommend you entirely to new players try it and to old players to come back.

You can find us and download our system in and to me personally in (this is a new Facebook page) for if you have any doubt that has to be resolved.

Any difussion made or streamears showing the game will be really apreciated and from the staff we would love to potentiate it. We have a stream system that helps streamer to get new followers.

Thank you.

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