Aion Tempest Confirmed by NCSOFT

Aion Tempest is another one of NCSoft's upcoming game that was presented at the Press Conference earlier today. It's a new prequel Mobile MMORPG that takes place 900 years before the latest Asmodian and Elyos war. The game will feature real-time large scale battles, exciting combat, cinematic gameplay, and more. I might try it out just to relive that old school Aion memories.

NCsoft has just confirmed the name of its upcoming mobile MMORPG, Aion Tempest, which was previously known as Aion Legends. As you may have noticed from the name, Aion Tempest is developed based on the Aion IP, one of the better-known games of its time during the PC MMORPG boom.

The developer has revealed that the small legion battles in Aion Tempest will eventually escalate to large-scale legion wars, all of which are not created by the system but rather but rather caused by the players through alliances and conflicts.

source via GamerBraves