AK 3-peat won in the Tekken 7 Pro League after a tough climb

After defeating Raphael “Vermillion” Cueva of Cignal Ultra Warriors and Jeff “Coffee Prinz!” Gonzales of Happy Feet Emperors in the playoffs, the 2019 Southeast Asian Games representative was sent to the tournament's lower bracket for the first time after Jules defeated him in the upper bracket semifinals. AK then rebounded with a 3-2 win over Bren Epro's Maru "Maru" Sy.


Alexandre "AK" Laverez demonstrates once again that he is the uncontested King of the Philippine Iron Fist Tournaments by winning the third season of the Nationals Tekken 7 Pro League by defeating Smart Omega's Juliano "Jules" Lozano on June 5, 2021.

With AK's Geese Howard facing Jules' Marduk, Heihachi, and trademark Jin in the grand finals, he then performed an incredible bracket reset against Jules, resulting in AK winning the tournament 3-2.

In the first two games, Maru used Steve Fox to overcome AK's iconic Law and Paul. But his Geese Howard selection was the key, as he handed Maru three straight defeats along the route to a 3-2 victory and a berth in the grand finals.

He could also be seen drinking a few sips of soda live stream at the time, which Tekken fans jokingly referred to as his "soda buff," or a technique to bolster him in key times.

With a 3-2 triumph over Jules' Fahkumram and Heihachi, AK continued his faultless run into the grand finals, forcing a bracket reset.


Even though Jules relied on his trademark Jin, AK's Geese Howard proved unstoppable, defeating Jules 3-2 when the brackets were reset.

AK claimed in the post-game interview that he prepared for The Nationals by practicing Geese and Paul on a smurf account supplied to him by a buddy. He did this to keep other players from scouting and uncovering his tournament plans. As dedicated fans noted his numerous swallows of soda throughout the tournament's live broadcast, AK joked that he needed the "soda buff."

For winning the third season of The Nationals Tekken 7 Pro League, AK will get Php 150,000, while Jules and Maru will get Php 75,000 and Php 40,000 for finishing second and third, respectively.

In the regular season, 2019 Southeast Asian Games participant AK struggled, finishing sixth and being relegated to the lower bracket for the first time in league history.