Ako si Dogie Minana Evos Disband? Wildrift Esports APAC removed, AP Bren Massage Therapy? Esports World Cup prize pool and more

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In our recent gaming podcast, Filipino gamers talk about Ako si Dogies Ultimatum on Minana Evos, Wildrift Esports League removed in APAC, Esports World Cup prize pool, One Punch Man live action, Fallout TV Show, AP Bren Massage Therapy? and more with LuminaLui as Guest.


AP Bren Physiotherapy
Speaking of AP Bren apparently, AP Bren went the extra mile because they hired Total Life Support (TLS), a group of physiotherapists from Tokyo, Japan. The main purpose of physiotherapy is to reduce pain and restore range of movement and overall muscle and joint function, so it's not that kind of massage.

According to Spin.ph these services include therapy, spinal correction, acupuncture, acupressure, etc. Note that the main purpose of physiotherapy is to reduce pain and restore the range of movement and overall muscle and joint function also not sure if they avail all services because there is a physical assessment to assess pain joints

Here are the results according to the team team, Basically they bent us like carton boxes. Right after that, sobrang gaan ng pakiramdam namin a team member said. Coach Ducky said, “We're actually surprised that the service that they're offering is very effective”. So based on the results seems like we have a Happy ending, but what do you guys think?

Fallout TV Series
It seems like we are having a Netflix effect but this time it's from Amazon and it's Fallout. Because according to SteamDB Fallout has more than doubled its concurrent players on Steam with the release of the Fallout TV series". Fallout 4 is the biggest beneficiary, spiking up to more than 83,000 concurrent players with Fallout 76 surpassing 39,000 concurrent players.

This type of event happened when the Witcher TV show and cyberpunk anime came out. Have you played any Fallout games? did you start on the top-down RPG or the fps RPG type? Have you watched the show? If you are interested the Fallout TV show is now available on Amazon Prime with all the episodes.

One Punch Man live-action movie
A One Punch Man live-action movie is officially in the works, Do you read or watch One Punch Man? Before we provide the details what do you want to see in a live-action one-punch man movie?

So the anime and manga One-Punch Man is getting a live-action treatment from Sony Columbia Pictures. This will be Hollywood… hopefully, they respect the source material otherwise will get One Punch Mam. And from the recent update, the script is getting rewritten by Dan Harmon who is known as the co-creator of Rick and Morty

I mentioned it's being rewritten because the original script was done by two writers from Marvel's Venom. Then it will be directed by Justin Li who is known for Fast and the Furious. Does this mean Vin Diesel as Saitama? will be about family?

Well, we don't know because there are no casting choices mentioned but who will be your Saitama, Genos, or the Tatsumaki sister fan casting? So far no casting or release date has been mentioned. But what do you expect on the action one punch man let us know in the comments.

Dogie Minana Evos Disband
In a recent article by AFK Gaming, they shared the highlights of Dogie's interview. In this interview, Dogies has somewhat of an ultimatum regarding the future of Minana Evos. Saying “If Minana fails to secure a spot in the playoffs this season, the team may face disbandment”. He mentioned this was the last hurrah and "If they didn't perform, I'll disband the whole esports side of mine”.

Dogie shared how the financial burden falls heavily on his shoulders, MPL player salaries, and covers expenses for the MDL squad, including boot camp fees. So apparently he set aside the earnings from vlogging on YouTube and Facebook for himself and his family then used the brand deals for the team

Dogie shared how Minana EVOS was supposed to have a massive lay-off of talents they were supposed to lay off five players during the media day. When he went to the boot camp, half of the team was crying even the coach. basically, Dogie stepped in to save the team from falling apart

Dogie added that all he wants at the moment is for Minana EVOS to secure a playoff spot as of this writing, I think they are in the 5th spot, so good luck to the team

Esports World Cup Prizepool
In a recent press release, the Esports World Cup Foundation announced that the Esports World Cup will feature a prize pool of over $60 Million (Php3 Billion) shattering the previous record of $45 million set by Gamers8. As of this writing, there are at least 19 games like Counter-Strike, Dota 2, Mobile Legends, Honors of Kings, League of Legends, and more.

If you plan to attend? Do you plan to attend? The event will take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This will start in the summer (from July 4 to August 24, 2024, if I'm not mistaken). If you plan to go the temperature is usually 40 degrees which can reach 50 degrees Celsius.

Additionally, if you're part of the LGBT+ community should you be concerned? Well, Saudi Arabia -technically- welcomes gay and trans tourists. On the official Saudi Arabia tourism site it says, Everyone is welcome to visit Saudi, and we ask that they follow and respect our culture, traditions, and laws, as you would when visiting any other country in the world.

Like other governments around the world, visitors are not required to disclose their personal information and we will strongly respect your right to privacy. This is similar to the don't ask don't tell policy

Wild Rift League APAC
In an article by Spin.ph, AFK gaming, Fragster and more. Riot Games officially announced that the APAC (Asia Pacific) Region shall no longer be part of the League of Legends: Wild Rift League (WRL) Esports Circuit.

In the statement, they mentioned Wild Rift esports in Aapac and China through Wild Rift League while other regions are focused on third-party competitions. Basically, they noticed grassroots and community-focused events in a number of regions have been very successful. So they have decided to implement that approach through the APAC region

Unfortunately, they didn't specify the negative on why they are going to this approach but we can only speculate? is it underperforming? budget related? let us know in the comments.

Wild Rift APAC Community Tournaments
Good thing Riot Games has responded to the community queries in regards to the change. So what's next? Riot also confirmed that the WLA will only be operating in China leaving the competitive esports scene in the Philippines without a major Riot-operated tournament

APAC region will settle with community-driven tournaments. What happens to the pro teams? According to the Riot Games statement provided by Fragster. Riot Games is in talks with WRL-Asia teams from the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand about their future status. Stating to review their standing contracts, and to ensure that teams are compensated fairly as well as offered various opportunities to explore future options

What are grassroots and community-focused events? Basically, they want to encourage more organizations that are interested in mounting their own community tournaments.

According to the Riot Games statement provided by Fragster. These explorations include but aren’t limited to local community events, influencer competitions, in-game organized tournaments, and team progressions. They also said they want to encourage more organizations who are interested in mounting their own community tournaments meaning Influencers, local organizers, and the government can do them

they also say to stay tuned for more information as they continue building this competitive ecosystem on the ground. This includes a nationwide open tournament in the Philippines in the 2nd half of this year
Seems like Riot will have some kind of support

Wild Rift Philippines
Riot Games has also posted on Facebook more about the Wild Rift 2024 plans for the Philippines scene. There are 4 event plans. In May there will be a Wild Rounds Glam Slam, a summer showdown of legends. In Q3 the community tournaments and more. Next in Q3 the Wild round Pilipinas I think this is a nationwide open tournament in the Philippines mentioned earlier. The finally a 4th anniversary event with Arcane season 2.

Additionally according to the Riot Games statement provided by Fragster. The pipeline for 2024 includes influencer support and activations that align with our global initiatives to ensure that we have local representation in key global events. So what are your thoughts on the LoL Wild Rift esports changes for APAC?

Our guest today is LuminaLui? Tell us about yourself. Explain “what if kape”

What games do you play? What's your favorite? According to your IG and Twitch you do cosplay, tell us more about this. Do you also livestream? Where can we find you? Other stuff to promote

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