Akosi Dogie is feeling Unmotivated to do his Daily Vlogs as well as Streaming

Nexplay EVOS pro player, Setsuna “Akosi Dogie” Ignacio, expressed in one of his vlogs that he felt unmotivated to continue his streaming of Mobile Legends as well as doing his vlogs.

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On one of Dogie’s vlogs, titled as SAWA NA AKO (I’m Fed Up), he stated that he's already tired and lazy of continuing his job as a content creator. He further added that just for him to keep a healthy lifestyle, he plays basketball everyday.

Dogie has been a streamer way before Facebook implemented a platform focusing on livestreams and content creators. He has been streaming on Facebook for five years already and now feels fed up in doing livestreams and vlogs everyday.

He also said that his daily vlogs is what forces him to stand up and keep him busy rather than sitting and wasting his day in front of his computer or mobile phone. He clarified that he won’t stop making content for his fans, he’s just unmotivated to do it. He also added that he's not doing his daily vlogs for the views but to keep Nexplay EVOS fans updated with what’s happening inside the boot camp.

He then asked for his fans' opinions and asked them to give him tips on how to keep making content and doing his vlogs in the future. He also assured them that he reads their comments, he’s just not reacting to prevent his fans from misunderstanding that he may have favorites.