Albion Online invites players to download the mobile version for its official launch tomorrow

The mobile version of Albion Online has been in the works for a while now. Finally, after a lot of work, it's now revealed that this medieval fantasy sandbox MMORPG will be launching tomorrow, June 9th, on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


This mobile version is not like the others. It's not altered or compressed to be fitted in mobile devices, instead they converted the whole PC version of Albion Online to fit in the palms of your hand. The game will offer a full cross-platform play and progression, meaning that you can switch from mobile to PC and you will still get the same experience and quality.

Here are some of the insights posted on Albion Online’s official site.

Developing the Mobile Version​

Creating Albion's mobile version presented several unique challenges:
  • Making complex features accessible with the limited space available on mobile screens
  • Adapting controls from mouse to touch controls to ensure mobile players can compete with PC players
  • Optimizing memory usage and performance to run in the significantly more limited hardware environment of mobile devices


They also posted the launch details of the game for tomorrow including the rewards players will get once they logged in with their account in the game.

Launch Details​

  • Albion Online launches worldwide for both Android and iOS on June 9
  • After downloading the app, all existing players will be able to freely log in to their accounts on their mobile devices
  • All players automatically qualify for the special cross-play reward (the Chimera Riding Horse Skin and Tomes of Insight worth 100,000 Fame) for playing on mobile and desktop on the same account
  • New players who sign up via mobile can also use their accounts to log into any of the native PC, Mac or Linux versions and will also receive the cross-platform reward
See you tomorrow online for fans of Albion Online, be it from players who are already playing it way before this mobile version or for new players who are looking forward to the launching tomorrow.