Alchemy Stars - Set To Enter Closed Beta In Japan, Opens Pre-Registration For English Server

Tencent's newest game will be entering closed beta in Japan and has recently opened pre-registration for its English server before its worldwide launch.


Alchemy Stars, which was announced few months ago, is an anime RPG game that is awaited by a lot of fans because of its interesting strategy and characters. It will also be Tencent's attempt to self-publish a game outside of China without relying on subsidiaries such as Garena or Epic Games. It will be handled and developed by TourDogStudio, Tencent's newest development team.

The game will be featuring over 80 cute and wangy characters from different factions for players to use in attacking enemies. Each of these characters will possess their own unique skills and abilities. Also, an important factor for the game's combat strategy is the elements of the battlefield grids provided. Every character, as well as the battlefield grids, has their own element. Players can utilize these to increase their attack power, or reduce the enemy’s defensive ability with the combination of elements.


Victory will depend on the strategy that players use in game. Where to place their characters, which characters to use, what elements must they use in attacking the enemy. All of these must be considered and taken into account to ensure victory. Prepare for some crazy elemental combos and weakness battles!


Tencent's initial announcement claimed that Alchemy Stars will only release in Japan as part of closed beta, but it seems like the company aims to simultaneously release the game globally including Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe. Also, just a few days ago, Tencent has opened pre-registration for the game's English server. However, it is currently not available for the US market just yet.

You can check out Alchemy Stars' Japan Closed Beta Trailer and Official English Server Trailer below.

The English server for Alchemy Stars is now available for pre-registration on both Android and iOS. It is expected to be fully released on June 17, 2021.