All about the new PUBG 21.2 update

The PUBG map is about to undergo significant modifications, as players will soon have to battle with new opponents in the form of natural forces. Other new implementations are also being made throughout the map, and other improvements are being made in response to player feedback.


While console gamers will need to wait until January 26th, PC players can expect to start playing the new content on January 18.

Here’s everything coming to the 21.2 update in PUBG:

Vikendi World Updates

  • Blizzard Zones:
    • These unique areas will have players battling devastating blizzards, as well as one another. Player movement will be slowed, alongside causing constant damage. As expected, it will be hard to navigate due to poor sight and sound.
  • Secret Rooms:
    • New Secret Rooms have been added across the map, and with the help of a Security Key that players can find, can lead to a wealth of high-tier items.
  • Repair Kits:
    • These will be scattered across the map, allowing players to repair their armour, helmet, or even vehicle if needed. A Mechanic’s Toolbox can also be used to repair vehicles you are inside.
  • Care Packages:
    • Players can also expect to run into Multidrop Care Packages. These will contain high-tier weapons, armour, consumables, and more.

Sanhok World Updates
  • Ascenders: Players will be able to use Ascenders in cave and rock mountains. These will be provided as starting items for players, allowing for more methods of traversal.
  • Bridges: More bridges have been added to make traversal even easier.
  • Deeper Water: The water area around the Ruins has been made deeper for players to traverse over.
  • Sand Terrain: Players can expect new sand terrain in new areas for easier travel.
The Arena
  • Winning Streaks: Winning Streaks have been added, which will record your achievements to show off to your friends.
  • Players can view all of the additions to the 21.2 update in PUBG here, along with many other improvements that have already been made. It appears that 2023 might be a very significant year for the well-liked battle royale.