All-Filipino Team Secret Snagged Their First Win in the VCT Pacific Stage 1

Guild of Guardians
All-Filipino squad Team Secret finally snagged their first win after taking down Japan’s Zeta Division in a highly competitive score of 2-1 during the VCT Pacific Stage 1, fulfilling the team’s controller player Borkum’s birthday wish.


Team Secret got their first win of the match as they took their map pick in the Ice Box. After a quick 5-2 round lead, they almost lost it in the half with 7-5 changing sides.

Zeta was able to equalize the match at halftime after taking the second pistol round and subsequent bonus round, resulting in a score of 7-7. Team Secret was then able to close out the match with 13-8 after taking four straight rounds.

In Lotus Map, Team Secret had a strong start and led the game with 5-3, but Zeta reverse wiped them after grabbing 8 straight rounds and leads with 11-5 after the first full buy round of the second half. Zeta tied the series with a 13-6 score.

After tieng the series, Zeta then found themselves being dominated by Team Secret once again in the third map, Sunset. The lone all-Filipino squad leads with a convincing 9-3 half against Zeta.

Zeta Division tried to make a comeback in the second half, scoring 11-7, still in favor of Team Secret. Unfortunately for the Japanese team, Team Secret closed the series 12-7 and got their first win in the series.

Team Secret’s controller player, Borkum, who is celebrating his birthday later this week, also revealed that it was his birthday wish to win the series.

“I wished that we would get the win so that I would have a birthday gift for myself. And yeah, everyone is happy that we got the W, and we just focus on the next,” Borkum said during the post-match press conference.

Team Secret’s win against Zeta Division placed them as the second seed in Group Alpha with a 1-2 record. If they are able to win another series in their coming games, they are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs.