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Aug 13, 2021
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With more than 500,000 downloads in both Google Play Store and App Store!

MAY 26, 2023 — SEAL-M, a multi-access roleplaying game (MMORPG) celebrates its successful launch with coupons and in-game rewards for its loyal and new players. Ever since its return last year, gamers have been anticipating its launch with its pre-registration events, amazing prizes, and other in-game rewards.

With the coupon code: 7DAYSOFSEALM, players can enjoy rewards such as (HP Potion (M) x 100 + MP Potion (M) x 100 + Cegel x 30,000). After its launch last May 11, SEAL-M continues to rank up in downloads, amassing more than 500,000 downloads on Google Play Store and App Store, and garnering over 700,000 pre-registrants.

How to use the coupon

A. Connect to Coupon site :
B. Insert CS number(you can find in the setting menu in the game), server, coupon number
C. Get it by Mail box in the game

Jeff Hwang, Production Director at PLAYWITH, said, “SEAL-M is now number one on Google Play Store and App Store and we would like to extend our gratitude to all adventurers who supported us all throughout. We want to give back to all the players who have shown excitement and anticipation for this launch and we are grateful that it was a success.”

Download the game here if you have not checked out SEAL-M and enter the whimsical world of adventure. Get to reconnect with friends or make new ones and enjoy the upgraded combination hits, enhanced skills, cute costumes, and characters that match your personality. Don’t forget to also join ‘SEAL Talk’ and make in-game friends. Here you can discuss with other games and make use of the pairing system filled with unique personalities, and various combat elements such as dungeon battles against bosses, guild battles. You can also upgrade your skills and equipment.

Lastly, the game is set to have more updates in the future. So don’t miss out and download SEAL-M now!

For more information about SEAL M itself please visit its official website and follow the SEAL M SEA Official Facebook Page and subscribe to PLAYWITH SEA - YouTube.