All-New MMORPG Eternal Sword M Launched Global Version After Successful Pre-Registration Campaign

Guild of Guardians
Last March 24, Neocraft officially begins the global launch of another potential hit MMORPG in the mobile gaming arena called Eternal Sword M.

Eternal Sword M leads you into a world on the brink of destruction and you are given 7 days to time travel and save your planet from a variety of monsters while retrieving your lost memory along the way. Besides the time travel gimmick, other features included in the game is the 3D open-world environment with top-notch character customization and secondary class options for players to widen the skill sets and abilities of their characters.

You can choose among the 5 starter class from Swordan, Miko, Mage, Gunner, and Warrior which can further modify base from the three attributes you will equip on them.

Graphic-wise, Eternal Sword M has one of the smoothest and graceful display of visuals both characters and the environment. Some concerns, however, are the BGM and voice-overs during NPC conversation that has a not so good quality at some moment. Gears and weapons looks also stunning and boast of large selection for you to choose from.

Currently, there is an on-going event at Eternal Sword M wherein players can win not just in-game items but also real-world items such as iPhone 11 and Nintendo Switch. This is part of the celebration of its global launch after amassing 5 million pre-registered players.

Eternal Sword M is now available for download in Google Play and Apple Store.