All-Star Gacha JRPG Blade XLord Out Now In Western Region

Experience a fresh taste of JRPG fused with Hero-Collecting features in Blade XLord, the new mobile game set in a world full of conflict, intrigue and danger. For Final Fantasy fans out there, you might feel at home in this game that shares the same feels of graphics and actions.

Developed by Applebit with its all-star team of RPG creators from Hisatoshi Hayakashi (Executie Producer of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and director of Last Cloudia) to Yukio Nakatani (Chrono Trigger Effects Artist and Environment Artist of Final Fantasy VII), Blade XLord revolves around the mission of two exiled heroes Ryde and Meryl in saving the Languin Kingdom from the villainous force of Quo Vadis.

All rendered in full, gorgeous 3D visuals with cinematic cutscenes, the game lets you recruit and assemble a squad of heroes to help you win the fight. With a total of 32 different character classes and 64 weapons to join your crusade, the combination and customization is already vast and filled with many possibilities.

And because it is a gacha, expect an exciting thrill of rolling for a n SSR heroes or weapons in the game!

Along with the story, you can challenge 18 big bosses with precise and flawless tactics. Unlike other gacha strategy game, you can freely move your characters in the battlefield which requires you to think wisely about their position that can affect victory or defeat in battle. You can choose whether you can control them manually or let the go full assault in auto-battle mode.

There is even an auto-loop options in Blade XLord where you can your heroes to repeate specific missions and levels hands-free. To keep the grinding longer, a low power mode options is also available. Of course, you will not spend all your time in series of PVM. Players can also engage in Ranking Events and test their skills against other players around the globe for a chance to achieved the decorated title of Decaknight.

Blade XLord is currently launched in US and Canada. With all the great revies it received and millions of download from Japan, we can't wait for this came to have a SEA version soon.