All The New Hearthstone Journey To Un'Goro Cards Revealed PC 

April 6 will be the start of Hearthstone's next season, Hearthstone Facebook account lets you get a sneek peak of every card that will be released on the new expansion. Organized the various cards below into minions, spells, and weapons and sorted by rarity. But first, the big new addition is the keyword Adapt. This new ability allows creatures with Adapt to add new helpful abilities like Divine Shield or +3 attack.

Akin to the Discover ability, you'll be given a choice of three different upgrades, and then you pick a single one to apply to your creature. Alongside Adapt, Journey to Un'Goro introduces a new Quest system. If you have a Quest card in your deck, you're guaranteed to draw one in your first hand though you're free to mulligan it if you don't think it'll help your matchup. Complete the conditions of the quest for an insanely powerful card reward. Here are the various quests and their corresponding rewards:

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