Alliance of Lords: 3V3 Battle Game Beta Review iOS 


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Apr 1, 2017
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Hola has just released the beta for their latest mobile title, Alliance of Lords (AOL), a fast paced 3V3 action-strategy game. Alliance of Lords brings the best of current mobile real-time strategy games combined with the classic MOBA design, allowing players to team up and form alliances to destroy another team's stronghold.

Alliance of Lords looks similar to Clash Royale, which this comparison is impossible to avoid, even for players who are familiar with other RTS or MOBA games. However, in Alliance of Lords, it's 6 players that spend individual resources from a regenerating pool to deploy minions, spells, or heroes.

All cards differentiate in the details, and choosing the right combination of 1 Hero and 6 minions and spells that best match your team's need is the key to succeed. Six cards in a deck may not sound like much if you're used to regular card games, but remember, it's the best tactical combination of 18 minions, 3 heroes, and spells that will get you the victory.

Heroes also have the ability to gain EXP and rank during battles, making the experience even more rich and powerful. Remember, each battlefield has 3 lanes, and resource points can be found in the corners, taking and keeping control of them is also key to ensure the victory.

Players can choose between Normal and Ranked Mode, depending on whether they want to risk their trophy ranking or not, as well as getting bigger rewards if they decide to play on the latter one. Additionally, players can create or join alliances to exchange cards, chat with their allied Lords, and team up for ranked battles or versus the environment.

AOL has strong new features and elements compared to RTS and MOBA games in the current market, making it appealing to new audiences. Alliance of Lords is currently on an open beta on iOS, which means all purchase options are closed and anyone who joins gets a free 30-day membership.

If this sounds like something you would like, it's time to choose a Lord, recruit your minions, gather your allies, and get ready to clash and smash your enemies!

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