Almost Heaven? Fallout 76 Hints at Future Mod Support

Fallout 76 have had a rough start back when it was released back in 2018. With a lot of bugs, errors and shenanigans both inside and outside of the game, but something added to it might change the landscape of the game. Well, for better or worse, we all know what makes Fallout more interesting... that's right, MODS!

Fallout 76 a.jpg

Mods or modifications are game files that allow you to have a different experience in your games. These usually edit some things such as adding new game elements such as units, game modes, maps , items, and more. Various games have used this to further lengthen their games' lifespan since new mods means new experiences for the player base these games such as Half-Life, Counter Strike, Skyrim, and of course Fallout, make the game more interesting. Since Fallout 3, New Vegas and 4's gameplay have really been innovated with mods such as Tales of the Two Wastelands, Project Brazil, Run the Lucky 38, and more. People are wishing to have Fallout 76 to have mod support. Because it will definitely make it more fun.

How? Imagine you have a private server with your friends and you want to have a cool mechanic or items that will make your game very fun and exciting, well with mods it's possible. Another possibility is that there would be a special Fallout 76 server for various game mods that players can set-up, as long as the server can fit it, then mods can possibly revive the game. Wastelanders did a great effort to start reinvigorating the franchise.

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So is there a date when the mod support will be up? Not really. However, they reaffirmed the fans that there will be one soon! According to PCGamer, Fallout 76 project lead, Jeff Gardiner said "We are definitely still working on mod support, it's coming.", he also cited that since the client architecture is different than the single player fallout games, they are still working it out. But that is a bright future if they ever implement it.

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With the power of modifications that allow the game to have a new way to have fun, will Fallout 76 rise from all the issues and controversies and comeback? Only the future will tell, but what are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments below!