Alodia Gosiengfiao leaves Tier One, Mobile Legends Yearly Revenue, TNC releasing Bao after alleged scamming and more

In our recent gaming podcast Filipino gamers talk about Alodia Gosiengfiao leaves Tier One Entertainment, TNC releasing Bao after alleged scamming, Mobile Legends Yearly Revenue Going Down? LPU Esports Arena BS Esports, Mastercard Academy, LoL Worlds 2023 Peak Viewership, and Walking Dead Destinies.


Mobile Legends Revenue
Last week we talked about that their parent company ByteDance could be selling Mobile Legends Moonton because of underwhelming performance. So I've checked if this is true, here is what I found out do note this information is according to and only taking into account Mobile Legends. In 2019 Mobile Legends made $160 million in revenue. In 2020 Mobile Legends made $221 million in revenue. In 2021 Mobile Legends made $229.7 million in revenue, this is the year Bytedance acquired Moonton for 4 billion it was also the time the company managed to get 1 billion in gross sales since its release in 2016. It took them 5 years if you compare it to League of Legends Wild Rift using information it only took them 2 years to reach 1 billion. But going back to ML in 2022 Mobile Legends made $179.2 million in revenue. For 2023 Year to date its $104.7 million in revenue. So yeah it seems like it's not performing that well compared to their previous years.

Alodia Leaves Tier One
Alodia Gosiengfiao, who co-founded Tier One Entertainment in 2017, has left the esports and gaming talent agency. She said that she enjoyed the experience of building the company, but she realized that she and the company had different visions and values. Tier One Entertainment thanked her for her contributions and wished her well in her future endeavors. They also said that they respected her decision to find a place where she could pursue her vision and values, as well as her personal life. Alodia Gosiengfiao clarified that she was not pregnant, as some people speculated.

TNC Releases Bao for Alleged Scamming
Do you guys know Bao or Mark Cabigting? Well apparently according to he was released by TnC Pro form their MLBB team. Here is the official statement: We would like to announce that Mark Laurence "Bao" Cabigting is no longer affiliated with TNC Pro Team. While we appreciate the moments we shared, TNC remains committed to our fans and the whole MLBB community. TNC will forever uphold trust and integrity as part of our core values. Thank you for your continued support, Phoenix fam! What do you understand from this?

Do you guys have an idea why he was released? Apparently, there have been rumors swirling around that Bao has been allegedly scamming MLBB fans
Allegedly around 300k. So its not a rumor because this was confirmed by to be true by confirming with TNC. Luckily the scam amount wasn't 300k, here is the statement from TNC. Hindi buong 300K yung ini-scam niya. May 100K na siya before siya maging pro, so 200k?

But the bottom line is he scammed fans. So how did he scam fans? Guess? According to Bao allegedly mentioned various reasons for asking money, one of them payment of college tuition fees. TNC revealed Bao asked a diehard TNC fan for tuition money, while he was under a scholarship program. He even lied to his fans when it comes to food purchases, by sharing them photos from Pinterest. TLDR: He scammed and got fired not sure what his next steps but what do you guys think?

LoL Worlds 2023 Peak Viewership
League of Legends, a game that some ML players consider dead, is still the king of esports. According to esports charts, LoL Worlds 2023 had the highest peak viewership ever, with more than 6 million people watching the finals across different platforms. On Twitch alone, there were 1.8 million concurrent viewers. The previous record holder was Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore, which had a peak of 5.4 million viewers. What do you think of this impressive achievement by LoL?

Walking Dead Destinies
There is a new game that claims to be a contender for the game of the year award, but it might be for the wrong reasons. The game is called The Walking Dead Destinies, and it has been widely criticized for its poor quality in terms of cutscenes, gameplay and graphics. Some people have compared it to a PlayStation 2 game, which is not a compliment in 2023. The game was published by GameMill Entertainment, the same company that released the King Kong Game, which was also a disaster. It seems that GameMill Entertainment is on a roll of making bad games based on popular franchises. How did this happen? And who would buy these games?

Mastercard Academy
If you are a gamer who dreams of turning your passion into a profession, you might want to check out the Mastercard Gamer Academy. This is a unique opportunity for 10 lucky gamers to learn from the best in the esports industry and get a chance to attend major events like League of Legends Worlds or Valorant Championship. You will also get to meet and interact with esports pros from G2 Hel, Gozen and the men's League of Legends and Valorant teams. Plus, you will benefit from workshops and courses on topics such as mental health, resilience, allyship, brand engagement, marketing, content creation, event execution and more. The Mastercard Gamer Academy will start in February 2024, but you can apply now until December 17. The winners will be announced on February 5. Don't miss this chance to make your gaming career a reality with Mastercard!

LPU Esports Arena
The Lyceum of the Philippines University has opened a new Esports Arena in collaboration with Tier One. The facility has high-quality gaming equipment from Asus, as reported by The exact specifications of the setup are not known yet, but maybe some LPU students can share them with us. The Esports Arena is not just for playing games like Roblox, Minecraft or Mobile Legends. It is also a place where students can host esports tournaments, show their talents on the stage and practice their shout casting skills in the broadcast booth. Why did LPU choose to invest in esports? Well, it is one of the few universities that offer a BS degree in esports since 2021.

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