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Oct 9, 2018
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Alpha is insanely good at 1 v 1 combat. And also good to be an initiator in the team. In team war, Alpha can do open war or wait the tank to open war, and help the tank with his ulti.

I found this hero not really difficult to play and gives high winning rate because of his damage output that comes along with crowd control. All of his active skills have crowd control. His passive gives you decent damage from stacks. The match output upon using Alpha will only be based on how effectively you are going to use him for team objective.

The only downside of using this hero is lack of AoE skill and more focus on 1v1 duel. I saw most players who get defeated in using Alpha is their lack of team objectives. The fact is, this hero is OP and because of that players are chasing enemy heroes for kill forgetting their team objective – destroy turrets and ultimately nexus.

Due to Alpha’s crowd control you can also play him as support. But this guide is for full AD Alpha as I found him fun to play in this role. Actually even playing as AD, if I have a chance to protect my carry, I don’t hesitate to do it as I can slow down the threat on his way.

For your main role, it is your duty to assassinate carry and make them ineffective as possible. With all crowd controls he has in his kit, you can kill any squishy hero you want. Just be careful as Alpha is also lack in mobility, so don’t draw the attention of enemy team towards you but you must come in surprise.

In laning, Alpha has good sustain, just try to analyze the situation by having advantage on minions or turrets. Once you have a chance, attack the enemy with your ever slowing skills.

You have sustain and if I’m using a hero with good sustain, I usually not going an all-in unless I know that I can kill him, I just poke him with skills and run away from gap. Get regen from Alpha’s force swings and attack again. If I know that on his current Hp I can kill him with my all-in I will go for it otherwise I will just wait for a good opportunity.

Alpha has just released recently and know that I will discover more from his potential. Don’t forget to bookmark my guide for more updates in the future.

  • Good duelist
  • Good CC
  • Good sustain
  • High damage from stacks
  • Easy mechanics
  • Single target
  • Need to get stacks
  • Low mobility
  • Low teamfight presence


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Mar 24, 2015
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Hi alpha users!!
lemme help you for a bit

gear set for best

1st item elegant gem (1st sustain)... ibenta mo nalang kung kelan mo feel.. every level heal yan +20% hp and mp so libreng recover yan sa cooldown na recover mo
elegant gem = recover per level

2nd item
bloodlust axe
cd yan at spell vamp
= more sustain and dmg

3rd item
warrior boots
movement speed and sustain to lane

4th item
Hunter Strike
eto na damage mo
+ cd reduction
= dito ka buburst

5th item
Athenas Shield
gray hp= more sustain

6th item
Deadly Blade
hp dmg at phys penetration and more.. basahin mo nalang yung the rest unique effects para malaman mo na importante sa alpha yun lalo na pag kalaban karina at mga good life steal na kalaban

Blade armor..
90 armor
25% damage return
mas maganda kung pag dikitin mo blade armor at deadly blade.. cute na couple yan ...

for basic math explanations about these two

sabihin mo nang may mm na 1k damage per hit at may lifesteal na 200 since example 20% lifesteal lang ang kaya nila bilin every marksman ibabagsak ng deadly blade yun ng 50% so yung 200 LS magiging 100 nalang pero 1k parin yung damage nun.. 25% nung damage na yun reflect so 1000 x .25 = 250 so walang sinabe yung 100 life steal in total sa damage na ginawa nya sayo.. kada palo nya -150 hp..

so 2nd to 6th item is the set pero dapat mo unahin yung elegant gem since tunaw ka talaga sa lane.. better to kill jungle monsters din dahil si alpha lang nakakagawa ng passive true damage per 5 seconds at level 2.. matindi true damage nun pag naitama mo yung dalawang skill para mag proc yung passive.. kulay dilaw na Beta yun kaya alam mo kung nag proc na passive or hindi.. easy lang sayo ang Lord kaya mo i solo quick lord

ps... mas tatama ss mo kung itatama mo muna yung first skill bago mag ss.. as much as possible kahit maliit lang yung range ng ss mo damat maitama mo sa madami yun.. dont worry tatamaan padin yung wala sa bilog since pag dash ni alpha airborne na yun madadaanan nya.. .. one more thing about ss.. pwede mo din ipang takas yun.. mas maganda kung hahaluan mo pa ng flicker


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May 1, 2019
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Alpha is a Fighter role hero with moderate to high sustain and damage depending on your playstyle.

High Sustain means you need Festival of Blood as a Talent and prioritize Bloodlust Axe and Oracle.

High damage means full attack build with Endless Battle and Blade of Despair along with Bounty Hunter Talent.

He relies mainly on his skills, but combined with the item Endless Battle, his basic attacks become a whole lot deadlier.

He can deal high damage, provide crowd control, heal himself and is good at poking.

The difficulty of using Alpha is in his ultimate skill. You need to aim well since this is a very good CC skill. You won't be called a good Alpha user if you always missed your ult.

He also has a high carrying capacity for lower ranks (GM and below) but become more team-dependent as you climb up to the Mythic Rank.

But of course, you can also use him solo if you farm enough, making him an unkillable force in early to late game.

Skills Analysis

Passive: Beta, Advance!

When Beta hits an enemy with Alpha's skills, he will put a mark on them. After Beta hits the same enemy with a mark, Beta will deal true damage three times to that enemy.

A crucial part of Alpha's kit that can deal unexpected damage and melt tanks. Be sure to always proc his passive on enemies to make sure he deals as much damage as possible.

Skill 1: Rotary Impact
Deals minimal damage in a long but thin line which will slow down enemies. Beta will then shoot bullets following its path a little bit afterwards.

This skill is best for poking enemies in a safe range. With a relatively short cooldown and low mana cost, you can continuously poke the enemies at ease.

The only thing that you must take note of this skill is the fact that Beta might not hit the enemy if the target moves away immediately so be sure to predict the target's movement too so that you can tilt your aim a little to secure a hit from this skill along with your passive.

Skill 2: Force Swing

Deals damage in a conical area in front of Alpha which will slow enemies. This skill will heal Alpha and give him attack speed depending on how much enemies he has hit. Beta will also deal damage afterwards.

Alpha's main damaging skill. Use this skill to deal high damage to enemies that get too close or to heal himself, which works on minions. When low on HP in middle to late game, don't recall unless you need mana as well. Paired with Bloodlust Axe, you can use this skill on a large horde of minions to instantly get HP back without having to recall back to base to waste time.

Moreover, when pushing, use this skill on enemy minions when they are approaching to increase self's attack speed for pushing. Keep in mind that Alpha can use this skill while moving, so if you're being chased, you can use this skill on enemies that are close by to heal yourself and slow them without having to stop yourself.

Skill 3: Spear of Alpha

Launches himself to the target location which will knock up enemies along the way as he is flying towards the area. Then, Beta will continuously shoot at the targeted area.

Alpha's only mobility and CC skill. When targeting this skill, make sure that you hit as much enemies as possible. You don't have to always target them at the tip, you can shoot over them and still knock them up nonetheless. Also, when the area is targeted, the enemies are stunned before Alpha flies towards them, so use this to your advantage.

Don't always immediately use this skill when you see a gank potential. Save it for later when they are escaping. Even though this skill has a relatively short cooldown, you should still save it for the best moments. Of course, you can immediately use it if you are too far away from the enemy that you are trying to gank or initiate a team fight.

In short, it depends on your team composition. Your team cannot rely on Alpha's ult as your main initiating skill in teamfights. Alpha is not a hard CC hero unlike the likes of Guinevere and Chou that has knock up effects even without their ults.

Skills Upgrade Guide

Unlock Skill 1 at level 1.

Then prioritize skill 2 until it reacg maximum level

Upgrade your ult every 4 levels. At level 4, 8, and 12.

Skill Combo:

His basic combo is


Explanation: Use ultimate to dive into the team fight or get close to your target. Immediately use skill 2 to deal massive damage and activate passive. You can choose to basic attack afterwards or use first skill immediately.

By the time you finish basic attacking, use skill one first to give a mark and then use skill 2 to heal yourself, deal damage and activate passive again.

When paired with Endless Battle, your basic attacks can deal true damage every time after you use a skill. So be sure to use even just one basic attack after every skill to maximize the effect of Endless Battle.


The emblems that I recommend are:

Fighter with Festival of Blood Talent


Assassin with Bounty Hunter Talent

Festival of Blood gives more spell vamp which means sustain.

Bounty Hunter Talent gives you extra gold after getting a kill.

The spells that I recommend are:

Retribution - for faster farming


Petrify - additional CC effect because this spell stuns nearby enemies.

The items that I recommend are:


Warrior Boots

For extra defense and movement speed. This can be replaced with Demon Shoes if you are facing mana problems.

Rapid Boots is also good for lower rank since high mobility means you can rotate faster.


Endless Battle

Its passive makes Alpha able to deal true damage with his basic attack after using a skill. This pairs really well with Alpha's skill combo. The extra lifesteal, mana regeneration and 10% cooldown reduction from this item also helps too.

Bloodlust Axe

Aside from the 10% cooldown reduction, it also gives Alpha + 70 attack power. The spell vamp works very well with Alpha's second skill, Force Swing, where it can increase his heal even more.

Rose Gold Meteor

When Alpha is low from diving into the team, the extra shield from Rose Gold Meteor's unique passive can increase Alpha's sustainability. The lifesteal from this item gives Alpha just enough lifesteal to survive in sticky situations.

For more indepth explanation about this item, search for Rose Gold Meteor Item Review.

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

A perfect item to increase Alpha's sustainability. Aside from the extra damage and cooldown reduction, it will give Alpha damage reduction and lifesteal when he is low at health. Paired with Rose Gold Meteor, Alpha will hold up very well in one against many types of situations.

This can be replaced with Immortality if you don't want to die too much.

Immortality - A perfect super late game item. One of the most used item in Professional Tournaments.

Blade of Despair

This gives him massive damage. This helps a lot when enemies are at low health as well because it will increase his damage, in turn increasing his sustain from Bloodlust Axe.


The passive of this item increases HP Regen and this works with Alpha's Massive Sustain. This item also gives Cooldown Reduction and Magic Resistance. This is perfect against two or more magic burst damage opponents.

Dominance Ice

This item is situational. Auto build this item when you are against Lesley or Bruno. This gives armor, mana, crit chance reduction, and Cooldown Reduction too.

For me, this is a better armor item for Alpha than the Antique Cuirass that only gives +54 Armor compared to the +70 Armor that Dominance Ice gives. The passive of this item also lowers movement speed and attack speed of nearby opponents.

Build this to counter melee heroes that relies on basic attack like Sun.

Recommended Builds

For Lower Ranks
  • Rapid Boots
  • Bloodlust Axe
  • Endless Battle
  • Blade of Despair
  • Rose Gold Meteor
  • Wings of the Apocalypse Queen
Semitank build
  • Warrior Boots
  • Bloodlust Axe
  • Oracle
  • Dominance Ice
  • Endless Battle
  • Immortality

Assassin Build
  • Warrior Boots
  • Bloodlust Axe
  • Endless Battle
  • Blade of Despair
  • Wings of the Apocalypse Queen
  • Immortality


Early Game:

When the game starts, buy Hunter's knife as your first item and you may prioritize Pillager's Axe only if you have retribution as your battle spell.

I will give two ways to get to level 4 easily at the same time, delaying the leveling up and gold earned by the opponent in your lane:

1. Immediately go to either top or bottom lane. Hide in a bush and wait for the enemy to come. When they get near you, use your second skill to deal damage on them. Clear the first minion wave and kill the lizard monster if you're going to the top lane; or the purple bug if you're going to the bottom lane and do not use retribution.

2. If you are the who was pressured while laning, hide in your turret and wait for the minions to come then poke them with your first skill.

It really depends on what skill you unlock first and your playstyle. Learn to adapt in every situation and it can only be learned and enhanced through experience.

Next step to be in level 4 is...

You will need retribution to steal the crab. Do not take the buff if your other teammates need it. If they don't, then gladly take it as it will help increase your level a lot.

Another tip: If you are low health, you can use skill 2 on minions to heal yourself unless there is an opponent to pressure you.

Your leveling to level 4 will be delayed until 2:30 if you recall.

When you reach level 4, go and find a place to gank. If you can't find an opening in your lane, rotate to middle lane to gank. A successful gank can set the start for a heavy snowball for the rest of the game.


Stick with your team as much as possible since Alpha is still quite squishy. Take part in all team fights and keep the enemy's farm under control. Continue to gank a lot during the game to ensure the enemies don't get enough farm.

Late Game:

By the time you reach late game, you should still stick with your team. Alpha is very important when it comes to team fights, as a good ultimate can change the tide of battle.

You may roam away from your team to lanes without any support to clear the wave and split push. If you see enemies coming for you in the minimap, run back to your team.

Never be late to a team fight - You might be the only one capable of initiating a team fight. Your team will also depend on your damage and crowd-control.

Tips and Tricks

1. You may not use Demon Shoes while having enough mana sustain by buying two magic necklace after buying Hunter's Knife. Master this trick because this is very helpful.

The two magic necklace can be used to build Endless Battle later on.

2. It is best to switch to Warrior Boots in late game. After you got full build, sell Demon Shoes because it won't be that useful in the latter part of the game.

3. To lessen recalling, use skill 2 in minion waves and jungle monsters.

4. When the tank is the initiator in your team, you may reserve your ultimate skill to secure kills or surprise enemies by having that reserved CC skill.

5. Try using Jungle Emblem if it reaches level 40 already. In order for this to be effective, you should have mastered Alpha's Rotation already. Use Mage Killer Talent with plus Damage to Monsters and Attack Speed on the First 2 tiers of the Jungle Emblem.

This gives you much more carrying capacity in higher ranks. You may solo kill turtle starting level 4 and solo kill lord starting level 12 with two damage items.

Comment if may gusto po kayong info na idagdag para na rin po malaman ng nga newbies. Thanks for reading