Alucard Guide and Build


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Oct 9, 2018
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Head for the Bot lane. Usually I like to kill the minions in the lane as fast as possible so that my wave will be pushed into the enemy’s turret and die without the enemy heroes nearby, denying them the experience.

When there are no enemy minions in lane, head to the jungle and kill 1 minion and then go back to lane to continue getting experience.

Do not be afraid to exchange blows with the enemy, you’ll most likely be doing way more damage.

If possible, get the Red Buff for Alucard. More damage = more lifesteal. If you have the Retribution Battle Spell, make sure you use it whenever possible to accelerate your farm.

Kill the turtle whenever possible too, Alucard is strong enough at level 4 to solo the Turtle.

Mid Game

By now you should have decent farm and deal lots of damage. However do not stop farming. Do not mindlessly wander in between lanes looking for a gank, but instead head to the lanes that have minions pushing to get a quick boost of gold.

In teamfights, you can initiate if you have enough gold lead. But just be wary of the CC heroes, if possible, try to bait or wait out for them to use their CC skills on someone else first, then jump in onto the team.

If your team initiates on them, just follow up with your combos and quickly take out 1 or 2 of the enemies.

1 tactic you can employ is to position yourself to disrupt the backlines. When the fight breaks out, go ahead and jump in from the sides to take separate the tank from the damage dealers, creating space for your team to take out the isolated tank and maybe 1 more hero.

Late Game

Ideally there isn’t really going to be a late game for Alucard. He kind of falls off late game.

Anyway, you should be full geared towards the end of the game. Don’t worry if you’re not. Play the same as Mid Game, but take note that you’ll be more squishy now since everyone is farmed up.

When defending pushes be careful of the enemy’s surprise ganks as Alucard’s escaping ability is weak. Stay with your team as much as possible.

If you have enough gold at the end of the game, you can consider sellings your Warrior Boots and buying another damage item, probably Berserker’s Fury or Hunter Strike to get the extra movement speed.


High damage
High sustainability
Passive ability makes him able to catch up to enemies
Almost unkillable 1v1


Weak to CC
Has no CC of his own


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May 1, 2019
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Alucard Empire Agent Normal Skin!

Release Date: June 5, 2019

Price: 50 diamonds

Obtainable only from June 5 to June 19, 2019 4PM PST

Credits to ryanx_official

If you are searching for our Alucard Guide, just use the hashtag MLTLG_Alucard_Guide.

(PS: May page po kaming nadiscover na nagkakacopy paste ng guides namin. Make sure na page namin 'yong masearch niyo gamit 'yong hashtag. May ibang page kasi na lumalabas kapag sine-search guides namin)


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May 1, 2019
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Alucard Guide Season 12 by Mobile Legends Tier List and Guide

Alucard is in B Tier in our tier list (Mythic basis teamfight/squad) and A Tier in the expert wingman tier list (Epic, Legend, Mythic solo queue)

He has a high carrying capacity in lower ranks since most Warrior to Master do not know how to counter Alucard due to lack of experience. He can still carry in Grandmaster to Epic but you need a higher skill gaming.

He has no CC skill and is counterable by Anti-HP Regen Items. He is also easy to use that is why he is one of the heroes that a beginner can use to rank up.

~~~Skills Analysis

Pursuit (Passive Skill)

If Alucard attacks and hits one enemy, the enemy will receive damage of 1.2x from normal damage. When it hits two enemies, the enemy will receive damage of 1.1x from normal damage.

The next basic attack after using the skill will damage 1.2x from normal damage and will move or pursue the target automatically.

Groundsplitter (First Skill)

Alucard will jump forward and launch an attack. Each attack will provide 240 physical damage (+ 160% Extra Physical Attack) points to the enemy and give a 60% slow effect to the enemy for 2 seconds.

Take note: Extra Physical Attack is different from Total Physical Attack.

Whirling Smash (Second Skill)

You will slash enemies within the coverage area around them. The slash will provide 230 physical damage (+ 140% Extra Physical Attack) points.

Fission Wave (Ultimate Skill)

This skill can be pressed twice. The first tap will increase the physical lifesteal's strength by 20% and also lock the target enemy. In addition to increasing the strength of the physical lifesteal, this ultimate skill also gives extra damage to all attacks that are thrown at the target and increases lifesteal effect 100% for eight seconds.

For the second tap, Alucard will give a very strong wave of attacks going forward. The attack wave will give physical damage by 440 (+ 220% Extra Physical Attack) points.

~~~Skill Tips

1. Prioritize Skill 2 over Skill 1

2. Maximize the 8 seconds of your ult. Do not rush in releasing your second tap.

3. Because of his passive, he seems to have a hidden blink skill. That is why you may reserve your first skill as a disengagement or escape skill. This separates a pro Alucard user from the rest. The weakness of this passive is that you might accidentally engage or re-engage yourself in teamfight. Just master using Alucard ny experience to avoid this accidental mistakes.


Emblem: (I'll recommend 4 sets)

Assassin Emblem
Bounty Hunter/ High and Dry

Fighter Emblem
Unbending Will

Marksman Emblem
Weapon Master

Jungle Emblem
Mage Killer

Explanation: Assassin Emblem is for the High Physical Penetration. Fighter Emblem is for slight tankiness. Marksman Emblem is for Crit. Jungle Emblem is for taking objectives (Turtle, Lord and Turrets)

Spell: Retribution, Purify, or Petrify

Item recommendations:


Warrior Boots - Most commonly used for Physical Defense

Rapid Boots - For more mobility and slow effect. Best for lower ranks

Tough Boots - To reduce CC effects duration and Magic Defense

Swift Boots - For attack speed

Core Items

Endless Battle - A common first item for fighters because of a lot of benefits that this item gives. The early game damage that this item gives is coming from the passive which is a true damage when you use a basic attack after using a skill.

Haas' Claws - A cheaper first item with a bit higher physical attack stat boost than Endless Battle. This is also the best lifesteal item because of pure 20% lifesteal plus 10% if passive is triggered.

Blade of Despair - Higher damage means higher heal for Alucard.

Example: Even at 0% Physical Lifesteal, using your Ult then dealing 500 damage per hit will give you 200 HP. Compared to 20% lifesteal but you only deal 200 damage per hit, 160 HP per basic attack. The HP regen might have small difference but the damage is really what you need early game.

Berserker's Fury - This will require you to rely on Critical Damage just like a Marksman. Alucard is quite similar to Marksman because they both rely on Basic Attacks.

Subcore Items

Rose Gold Meteor - This gives Physical Attack, Magic Resistance and 5% Physical Lifesteal.

Immortality - For more magic resistance and second chance to cast your ult (if you already die before having a chance to cast your ult)

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen - For sustain. This gives 1000 HP, 15 Physical Attack, and 10% CDR. This also gives 30% Lifesteal when your health is below 40%.

Set builds:

1st set: By Vash96

Warrior Boots
Endless Battle
Berserker's Fury
Blade of Despair
Rose Gold Meteor
Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

2nd set: Full Lifesteal

Tough Boots
Haas' Claws
Endless Battle
Wings of the Apocalypse Queen
Rose Gold Meteor
Blade of Despair

3rd set: Marksman Emblem (not recommended for competitive plays)

Swift Boots
Berserker's Fury
Endless Battle
Haas' Claws
Wings of the Apocalypse Queen


Early Game

Most of the time, you will be solo top. Clear wave then kill the jungle monster then clear then get the gold crab. You will be level 4 after the 3rd wave.

You can solo turtle after you got your first core item.


Your gameplay will depend on your emblem or vice versa.

To utilize Assassin Emblem, look at the minimap to check for enemy heroes that you can ambush.

To utilize Jungle Emblem, balance jungle and laning and get objectives. Kill the turtle and aim to push turrets.

To utilize Fighter Emblem, focus on your lane or push undefended lanes.

To utilize Marksman Emblem, engage yourself in as much teamfights as possible. Try to gain an early lead to initiate teamfights with a Higher Chance of Winning.

Late Game

Aim to kill the Marksman in Late Game. You may ambush or reach the backline in teamfights. Do not engage in teamfights too early because you might get inflicted by a CC effect which will make you useless.

~~~Tips and Tricks

1. Starting level 4, don’t be afraid of fighting because you’ll most likely be doing way more damage than your opponent. You are an Assassin/Fighter. Always take note of that.

2. When you are clearing waves of minions, run back into the jungle and kill jungle monsters to heal yourself more or less (depends on your lifesteal)

3. Try to quickly solo the turtle or request back-up

4. Your priority is to kill until 6 minutes and to push afterwards.

5. Mind that Alucard does not have any crowd control ability. He is also very vulnerable to Crowd Controls. That means in team fights, you could literally die within few seconds because you can only survive for a long time if you are getting healed by your lifesteal for every basic attack that you successfully dealt.

6. During team fights, don’t waste your time in the frontline with the tanks. Try to jump over and aim for the enemy’s mage or marksman. Your priority is to kill damage dealers. Let your backline kill their frontlines.

7. Whatever skill you use, remember to quickly use your basic attack in between. Your items and your passive will boost the damage of your basic attacks after you’ve hit an enemy with a skill.

8. Do 2-lane rotation only. Unless you really need to defend a lane. This will help you to focus in pushing and farming.

9. With your first ability, you can jump through walls.

10. Don’t be afraid to dive into towers when you have minions. Unless, the enemy has a way to stun you under the turret.

11. Use bushes to gank.

12. Always check the minimap and target squishy enemies that are trying to push a lane by themselves.


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Dec 3, 2019
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Skin Review | Alucard - Lightborn-Striker

Omfg Another Alucard Skin... but this one is good!

Alucard - Lightborn-Striker's Model is your Knight in Shining Armor saving you in your fantasy. The armor and his weapon suits the theme of Lightborn and has good choices of colors for his model.

Instead of riding his bike, this time he runs forward slashing and using his ultimate. Striker's entrance animation is amazing with it's camera angles and how model shows off it's fighting skills. But it doesn't top Tigreal's Lightborn-Defender Entrance.

Alucard's Lightborn-Striker Skill Effects are amazing but his Legend Skin is a little bit better. His 1st skill is a bit disappointing but still quite cool. His 2nd skill is quite nice but could have been better. His ultimate is great having the signature Lightborn Effect of "V". His basic attack is also nice.

Because it is a Lightborn Skin, it has 3 Voicelines. The voicelines of Striker is an ok standard. It's not bad and it's not good as well. It could have been a little tiny bit better but overall, the voicelines are impressive.

In conclusion, Lightborn-Striker is an alternative cheap skin for those who cannot afford his Obsidian Blade (which is 10k+ Diamonds). It has some good stuff and bits of flaws but the skin is good for it's price (1089 // 762 Diamonds).

Overall Score: 4/5《Legend Skin is better but this one is good too》