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    Radeon RX480 graphics card is one of the cheapest GPU that can deliver the same performance of $5000 GPU's leading to its launch, its like comparing it to Nvidia's GTX 1070 VR performance into half the price.The benchmark test of Radeon RX 480 is not bad which can really be compared to the Nvidia GPU's.


    While the 4GB video RAM version of the RX 480 will start at $200 , the 8GB version that was reviewed here has twice as much VRAM as all the aforementioned AMD cards and retails for $239. Unfortunately, however, it does not use high-bandwidth memory (HBM) like the Fiji-based cards before it.

    source via gamespot
  2. jmox

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    pang masa talaga ang presyo ng AMD
  3. noob

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    Hindi kasi sila makalaban sa performance ng nvidia
  4. Soro

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    Welp, meron akong RX 470 from Powercolor (Red Devil) At 60/70% ng power ng RX480 ay na saakin pero walang VR Support :eek:k-hand:
  5. wendellhill

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    Buweno, ako din ang AMD user, ngunit ang RX480 ay masyadong mababa upang maglaro ng mga paboritong laro. Mayroon akong RX 550, ngunit gusto kong palitan ito sa Geforce GTX 970, alam ko na maraming pagkakaiba sa presyo, ibinahagi ko lang ang aking mga karanasan tungkol sa Graphic Card. Basahin ang tungkol sa graphic card mag-click dito
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  6. Erikaray

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    Is Radeon better than GeForce?
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