Among Us 2023 Roadmap - UI changes, new map, improved matchmaking, and more!

Among Us, one of the most played games over the past two years, is still well-liked by the general public. The roadmap for 2023 has been made public by the Game Awards 2020 Best Mobile Game winner to give fans of Among Us a preview of what's to come.


Among Us's developer Innersloth has revealed its development intentions for the upcoming year in a tweet, noting that these goals include enhanced matchmaking and a brand-new map. The dates and the order of the upgrades aren't specified, but they are teased as something coming. The user interface and user experience upgrades for Among Us are listed as "coming soon" on Innersloth's roadmap, which is a little sparse on ETAs. We'll have to wait and see what comes after the Hide and Seek mode was previously added in the December 2022 release.

In a blog post that accompanied its new roadmap, the developer explained that "We want to make playing Among Us an easier, more intuitive experience. This means big focus on adding multiple updates to the UI and UX...of the game. Cleaning up the account merging flow, updating the store to be easier to navigate, making it easier to see how you can report a toxic player... these are all things we want to work on, and more."

The UI will change in the upcoming update, along with the buttons' appearance and the game's overall design, albeit these changes may not be significant. It will be simpler to navigate the store and there will be more reporting choices. A few customizing options are anticipated, but it is up to the developer.

Then, later this year, Innserloth says, "in no particular order," Among Us will receive a fifth map, enhanced matching, a quickchat redesign, additional collaborations, and "more." The creators indicated that the map will include new jobs that gamers can explore with some subtle details in the mix, even if the details of the map, including its theme, haven't been published yet.

Regarding the alluring "more" at the end of its plan, Innersloth does hint at a few further ideas for the future, but emphasizes that "this is not a promise" and that work will only proceed "if we have extra time." It states that it has been considering potential new Among Us roles as well as unnamed Friend List upgrades.