Among us Full Guide for Crewmate and Criminal


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Apr 26, 2020
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Among us, which is more like an inferential game, supports to discuss with other players and vote for the final criminal. Players will play the role of impostor or crewmate with a different goal, one for murdering and another for surviving.

When playing Among us on PC with NoxPlayer, people can make the task and check the map on the bigger screen with a higher-graphics than the mobile phone.

Among us Guide for both Imposters and Crewmates

  • Be a perfect criminal with disguise
The mission of a criminal is to eliminate their crewmates in the condition that you were not detected by other crewmates.

  1. Don’t stand out at the beginning!
At the beginning of the game, all players will pay full attention to find the suspected person. Don’t make any special action to spearhead other’s attack at you.

2. Team with other players to avoid suspicion.

Team with other players and don’t kill them at first if there is a witness. Focus on some tasks of crewmates like finding the fuel engine, which will make it harder for the crewmates to identify the real impostor.

In addition, engage in the discussion while voting for the impostor, talk about your idea, and act like “a real crewmate’. Don’t blame an innocent crewmate, cause sometimes there will be a partner with the innocent crewmate to verify that he is innocent. So listen to others’ ideas and give a reasonable expression.

3. Shut doors and find an opportunity to kill the crewmate.

Before killing someone, remember to shut the doors and act as soon as possible. Make some obstructive actions like turning off the lights to leave more time to kill them.

There are 2 abilities for you: kill and sabotage. When you choose to sabotage, you can sabotage the ship by pressing any button on the map.

Note: The emergency button can’t be pressed while sabotaging and crewmates must wait for the fix.

  • Be a Smart Crewmate
The goal of a crewmate is to find the imposter and complete all the tasks. There are also two abilities for you: use and report. The former means you can utilize the resources in the game, and the latter makes it possible to vote and find the imposters with discussing with other some players and getting some evidence of some suspected action.

  1. Try your best to complete the task
An interesting thing is that crewmates still can continue to complete the task even while getting knocked out. Remember your goal and don’t only focus on finding the imposter.

2. Grouping with your partner to keep safe.

You better advise dividing all the players into groups, which will keep you safer. For one thing, if you act alone, you have more chances to become the objective of the imposter. For another thing, if you are divided into a group in advance and killed by the imposter, other players will immediately notice that your partners may be the criminal. So the imposter will not take such kind of action directly.

Among us Guide for Playing it on PC with NoxPlayer

  1. Utilize smart keyboard control.
NoxPlayers allows users to set a smart key to making the game easier. For instance, you can set WASD as the moving direction of your character.

2. Play Among us on a bigger screen.

With better hardware performance, higher graphics quality, and a bigger screen. NoxPlayer allows people to run the game smoother. You don’t need to worry about the battery anymore.

In addition, you can play mobile phones while running the game on pc with NoxPlayer, make full use of your time now!

Here is the video:

How to Download Among Us on PC with NoxPlayer
  1. Download NoxPlayer
  2. Click ToolsGoogle playSign-in Google account
  3. Install Among Us on PC
Check more information on NoxPlayer’s official blog.