An Adventure of all Shapes and Sizes: Genshin Impact Overview

You ever got a feeling that it is gonna be a great day because the one you've been waiting for has finally arrived. For years and months, people have waited for Genshin Impact's release, and yesterday we were greeted by Paimon and the inhabitants of Teyvat as we venture to their world. I definitely played the whole day to see what Genshin Impact has in store and here I am going to relay it to you. Strap your backs, it's gonna be a long one.

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The Start

I started the day worrying if my device could have handled the game. My laptop is not the sharpest tool in the shed and my smartphone could play fine but I just headed in and tried it out and damn, it worked nicely! I started playing the game and saw that I have defaulted in low settings. For a game that put me in low settings, the graphics do not look bad at all. I mean check this image and it was taken in low graphics. I opted to lowest to have a smoother frame rate and the game is truly playable and enjoyable at that speed. For those who have doubts if they can run it. It never hurts to try so I suggest you do that.

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While the game's story can be considered as generic by some, for others who have not tried other JRPGs and other RPGs before it might be nice for them. It has the "save the world" and "traveler from another dimension" kind of thing but there are some charms to look at the story. Some various factions and nations have their own goals and interests, even inside said nations have more sides which can be interesting to check out. The game is definitely trying to have its own identity by raising the bar with different things happening in the game. And with the release of having 2 regions unlocked currently, there are 5 more to go to be discovered as the game will have 7 regions for the players to explore, meaning there will be different stories that will be told there and it will intertwine with the stories of others as they are in the same world after all.

But to be specific, you are a traveler that visits many realms together with your sister, one day, someone that might be a god fought with you and bested you and your sister. You select which part of the twin you are, the other will be kept away by the god and you will be stripped of your interdimensional traveling. Then, you will be greeted by Paimon which will be your guide as you travel across Teyvat and explore the world, meeting along with various friends and foes alike in different nations.


You probably heard that the game is like Breath of the Wild, well, because it is like it. The game is truly heavily inspired because you can see it with the open-world mechanics and the terrain that you can easily climb and explore.

Additionally, there are a lot of things to do and think about. The gameplay loop is battling enemies and figuring out puzzles while exploring the vast world. You can pick your play style by whatever you like in the game, you can head in the story and rush at it (except if you are locked behind a story quest with an Adventure Rank requirement) or just loot every chest you have with brawns and brains. The game offers unlimited ways to play at no entry fee, which is amazing in its own feat.

You can dive into side quests that you can find in various ways, either by traveling and meeting people along the way or just by exploring and suddenly having a random world quest that you can get with good rewards. Exploring is the main key in the game as you need to see the world that they have crafted. With its amazing views and gorgeous scenery, it is really glorious to just roam around and see it for yourself. Another thing to add since we are talking about exploring, there are various chests that you can get just by solving a puzzle, clearing a challenge, simply beating the hordes of enemies that will be guarding it, or by stumbling upon one.

It might range from Common to Prestigious Chests that might contain different items, but the excitement of finding a rare item in a chest can be rewarding on its own. Surviving in a new world means you need to be crafty too, in which you should explore to gather food and items to cook food and process raw materials to make good use.

From boars to fruit-bearing trees and random berries on the ground, they can be used to give you a boost in health, defense, critical damage, or even stamina. So with all that said, definitely try and explore the world and see what awaits you in the lands of Teyvat.

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Aside from exploring the world, once you reach a certain Adventure Rank (which is considered your level in the game), you will unlock new things that will be vital in your gameplay. First, let's talk about the Adventure Handbook, this handbook contains various quest that you can finish that lets you advance your adventure rank further in the game. Another thing to know is that it has a compendium of various bosses and you can navigate them easily by pressing on a selected boss and click "Navigate", the boss will be marked in the map.

It also contains Daily Commissions which you can accomplish for Mora, the game's gold, adventure EXP, materials, and even Primogems which are the premium currency in the game. Make sure to finish Daily Commissions every day to claim big rewards! Finally, Expeditions can also be unlocked in the game, making you get more mileage with your unused characters in the party.

Basically speaking, you can send the inactive members of your team on an expedition in varying hours, and when they return you can collect whatever materials they can acquire in their expedition. From ascension materials, upgrade materials, foods, and items that are vital for cooking, it is worth sending two parties each day.

Another thing to add is that the game has domains that serve as the dungeons. Domains are scattered on the map and they have different enemies and challenges which you can accomplish for more rewards. Be careful though, some domains are locked in a specific Adventure Level and that is for a reason, some domains have tougher challenges that can be brutal for those who are not prepared. So be sure to be ready when you embark on one.

These domains require you to use a stamina-equivalent material called "Original Resin" which can be refilled albeit slowly. Other uses of Original Resin are Leyline Outcrops which can be seen in a map and when you accomplish them, you can acquire their rewards at the cost of resin. World Bosses that grant the player with great rewards including ascension materials require resin too. Although Original Resin can be refilled by Primogems and an item called "Fragile Resin": it is still advised to be careful about spending them but make sure to use them every day to avoid capping as it can be a waste if not used.

Finally, if you have friends who are playing the game, make sure to have an Adventure Rank Level 16 to unlock the Co-op feature of the game. Co-op can be made by 4 different players in one of their worlds and together they can explore the world, fight bosses, do domains and explore the world.

The host has the privilege to open the chests while everyone gets rewards, be careful though as other players can mine ores, gather materials, and hunt down animals which may take time to respawn. So play with those you trust. With all things that are said, there are truly a lot of things to do in a great game, as it comes with a free price tag as long as you do not get tempted to pay premium currency.


The game has different characters with unique stories and playstyles. Some characters are a great support unit that can use crowd-control, stun, or create amazing elemental synchronization with other characters. It is also worth noting that each unit has an elemental vision that corresponds to their elements, these elements can be played around in the game to create elemental reactions.

For example, a Pyro unit can be used together with an Electro unit and hit the enemy with their elemental damage to create the "Overloaded" effect, Electro units can also work with Hydro units so that the Hydro units can "wet" the enemies and the Electro can attack causing an "Electro-charged" effect. There are various elemental combos to try out so experiment with your units and try to see if you have a neat combo to unleash next time.

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Each character has two skills that they can utilize to turn the tide of the battlefield, these are Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts. Elemental Skills are the active skills that you can use in certain cooldowns that can trigger the character's elemental effects outside of basic attacks, these skills when used can help them gain elemental orbs to charge Elemental Bursts.

Elemental Bursts meanwhile are the "ultimate" skills of the characters which can definitely turn the tide of the battle. Playing around with those two and switching up characters to trigger elemental reactions are key in winning the majority of the battles, especially the hard ones.

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Finally, characters can be equipped with Artifacts, these artifacts are like the gear of the characters outside of their weapons. These things can empower a character based on different stats like HP, Defense, Critical Rate up, or even Elemental Mastery depending on the artifact and their rarity.

Some artifacts also belong to specific sets which when equipped with together with the whole set, can add a special effect to the character. You can get them via a reward in a quest, loot, and more.

Other Features

While the game can be played with the protagonist and the characters that can be unlocked through events and stories, there are characters which are truly rare that are locked behind a gacha system called "Wish", the gacha can be accessed by using the summon materials, there are two kinds which can be used to roll in either banner, Acquaint Fates are for the standard banner while Intertwined Fates are used for the limited banner with rate-up, Intertwined Fates are also used for weapon gacha that you can roll to get stronger weapons outside of crafting from the shops and looting chests.

Don't get me wrong, you can reach and play end-game with the free characters but getting the rarer units and knowing their full potential can be a game-changer in which makes your life easier in the game. That being said, you do not need to roll to win the game, only make full use of the artifacts, weapons, and their skills to outsmart the enemies to win.

Duplicates of a character will net you an item that you can use to make them stronger via the "Constellations" feature. While again, this is not completely necessary, a small boost can sometimes make the game easier than before, so if you get dupes, do not be afraid to use it there.


All kudos to the sound directors of the game, that is all I can say. The music is phenomenal in the game. The sounds that you can hear, the background music it accompanies, it fits the environment which can be immersive for players who enjoy diving into the game and playing it with utmost care.

Nighttime in Mondstandt can be calming and relaxing with its night theme, battle themes against enemies can be a thrilling experience when the music chimes in to indicate a battle will commence. Those are just examples of what I noticed in the game.

The Future of the Game

The jury is out and a lot of people have been telling positive things about the game. While others have been eyeing badly about the gacha rates which honestly are truly bad, a lot of folks can disregard it though and just experience the game as it is and they have said that it is a great game for a cheap if not free entry fee.

I mean for sure, you can play the game freely or purchase the battle pass for convenience but you can play however you want and enjoy the game. They have promised that they will continue updating the game in the long run and might add things like Housing System in the future. Which will be great for the game!

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Adding things such as a Mount System will also be grand as traveling the world with a mount might be something to behold as you can go faster in traveling terrain and exposing yourself to the wonderful views of Teyvat.


With a lot of things to do, areas to explore, bosses to battle, commissions to be committed, regions to save, and finally, wishes to be granted, the game is here to stay and for the better. A lot of players will come and arrive and experience the world of Teyvat together with their friends and fellow players they may meet in various communities.

A game that is said to be inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with a free price tag is something that you cannot imagine to see in the landscape of gaming as the scope is incredibly huge and ambitious but here we are with one.

This game might revolutionize mobile gaming, this might change the perception that mobile games are just cash grabs and have a place to stay in the gaming industry. Might be a long way there, but we are getting there, one step at a time. I'll continue playing as the game is truly enjoyable, how about you? Tell us in the comments and have a safe journey, Traveler!
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