An Epic FUNtasy RPG, 'Guardian Tales' soft-launched in Philippines!


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Feb 26, 2020
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The global multi-platform game company, Kakao Games in association with Glohow, has announced the soft-launch of Guardian Tales - a new Adventure RPG developed by Kong Studios. The game is now available for players in Malaysia and the Philippines on App Store and Google Play.

App Store & Play Store Download :

Guardian Tales is an adventure RPG that will bring back your good old memories of the retro gaming era. Play as the brave Guardian of Little Princess and save the Kingdom of Kanterbury from Invader’s Domination. Players can build their team up to 4 characters to discover new areas, fight with monsters, solve the puzzles and quests, and uncover hidden secrets.

Some of the highlights from Guardian Tales:

- Build your squad with over 50 unique pixelated heroes whom can be evolved and awakened to unlock their potential.

- Meet other Guardians from around the world. Gather your guild to enjoy many fun events and activities together.

- Defeat the enemies or solve mischievous puzzles in Tower mode. Rewards are available for the Guardians who can prove themselves.

- Explore the various dungeons awaiting you in the Rift. Find precious loots hidden in the depths to strengthen your heroes.

- Join the Arena to duel with other players in real-time. Battle hard and become the best Guardian!

While there is no official global release date for Guardian Tales yet, please stay tuned and follow Guardian Tales Facebook Page for the latest news and information.

About Kakao Games
Kakao Games is a multi-platform game publisher and developer headquartered in South Korea who dedicated to creating the best online gaming experience for players. As a game publisher, it is known for Black Desert Online (Serviced in NA/EU), a successful MMORPG in the global market, and Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (Serviced in Korea). It continues to work on bringing new high end games to both PC and mobile platforms.

About Kong Studios
Kong Studios, Inc. is a startup headquartered in Silicon Valley of the U.S. which is making efforts to develop unique gameplay styles.

About Glohow
Glohow is a global co-publisher for mobile game application business headquartered in Singapore and have a business center in Thailand since 2016. It provides Consulting, Business Development, Marketing Analysis, PR, Operation, Customer service and Localization with strong data driven decision making. It has worked with successful companies such as ThumbAge, 4:33, Floppy, Hidea, Cocone, AwesomePig, Kakao Games, LINE Games and others.