An M5 World Championship Trailer excludes V33Wise due to promoting certain brands - Tryke responds

As the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game is about to commence its biggest tournament every year, M5 (5th iteration of the M-series World Tournament), an issue about one of the M5 trailers has been controversial due to not including the M3 World Champion, Blacklist International. That controversial trailer was released during the M5 group draw live stream last November 4, 2023. Due to that issue being a hot topic in the MLBB community, the CEO of Blacklist International, Tryke Gutierrez, shared some information via a TikTok video about this controversy.


Tryke said he was also surprised that he saw no clips of Blacklist International in the M5 trailer that seem to show the history of the M-series. He also revealed that he reached out to Moonton to clarify about this matter. He also shared Moonton’s response which clarified that the trailer is made for the greatest players. As part of the 5th annual celebration of the M-series, 10 greatest players will be awarded.

Because of that, the iconic duo of Blacklist International, V33Wise, is not included because according to Moonton, the duo is doing promotional activities with brands that Moonton is not comfortable with. In that statement, Moonton did not specify the brand but based on the community discussions, it seems the V33Wise's promotion of a gambling site, Rivalry, is what excluded them based on the criteria Moonton announced for the greatest players nominations.


Tryke added that Moonton will also unveil an extended version of the trailer that will show all M-series champions. An official statement about a Burmese player with an in-game-name of ACE might also be released as he is also promoting a gambling site, similar with the promotion activities the V33Wise duo is doing. He concluded the video by appreciating the fan recognition and asked fans to stop spreading toxicity about this matter.

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