An Overview Of Shining Beyond's Mysteriously Slow Start But Fast-Growing OBT Players

Guild of Guardians
Shining Beyond has been out on the market for quite some time already. But, players are already wondering why did the progress of the game seem slow. The game is doing exceptionally well as the community is growing more and more as time passes by. They may not have that explosive start like other known mobile titles, but if you look at what the game's status right now, you'll notice something different.

Shining Beyond a.jpg

Some fans of the game know that the Closed Beta Test (CBT) started last year and it was running for a pretty long time. And the Early Access or Open Beta Testing (OBT) was released last month. I watched some gameplay from CBT and compared it with what I have right now, which is OBT, to see the difference.

The differences were so small and maybe irrelevant so I focused on the latest version. Then I realized how polished the game is compared to other hybrid auto-battle RPG out there. Well, maybe not as polished as Lord of Heroes, but I don't need to compare them since they both have their own unique gameplay. The developers made sure that the game is smooth and are very careful in every step they make.

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And just as I have said earlier, they didn't have that explosive start like other games. But what made this game grow slowly but steadily within a few months in CBT and a few weeks in OBT are the huge compensations, pre-registration rewards, reroll friendly, beautiful content, and a team of developers who carefully listens to the community.

I'll be honest, the home UI is messily confusing at times, and the long list of microtransactions can be a huge hole within the game soon. But, man, just look at that amount of fan service from the female characters. I can still remember praying in the middle of the night while rerolling just to get the Ultra Rare Athena.

Shining Beyond c.jpg
Different events and regular maintenance gained the community's trust and addiction. The rolls for both equipment and heroes are really good. A lot of freebies are given for newcomers. And most of all, the unique gameplay of choosing which path you would like to take. Every room is a mystery and the only way for you to know what's inside is by checking it.

The bosses are fairly easy to deal with. With the right team composition and proper timing, you can pretty much progress thru the campaign with ease. With that being said, getting Athena in your free x10 rolls can greatly help you if you're planning to reroll. And, oh, the poster above was just released a few minutes ago. It's the current event and the result of today's maintenance.

Shining Beyond d.jpg

Aside from the great battle animation, the character designs were really unique too. I personally loved how they covered the lewdness of the female characters with amazing battle armors, dress, and weapons. And, of course, the male characters are also admirable. They reminded me of Noblesse (Manhwa) characters and their personality.

Shining Beyond e.png

The number of pre-registered players has already reached almost half million. The last pre-registration mileage is the Immortal's Valour Wings. Players are now enjoying the pre-registration rewards and while waiting for the last prize and the official version launch of the game. As you can see, you'll get tons of rewards including Olivia's 5-star Chain Blade and Olivia herself with a School Uniform Costume.

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Try playing the game and you'll see the secret why players are currently getting hooked into the game. Let's just all hope that it stays F2P friendly until it grows. There's nothing wrong with buying stuff in-game, but I hope that the shop won't offer game-breaking things. But, right now, the developers are taking baby steps to make sure that the game is in perfect condition until its official launch.

If you're interested, you can pre-register your email in the Shining Beyond's Ofiicial Site before downloading the game from Google Play Store. Sadly, the game is only available for Android users at the moment. But, the pre-registration is open for both platforms and iOS versions will soon come out. What do you think of this game? Will you play it too and become a part of its growing community?