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Jun 27, 2018
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Having reached Master rank recently through the flexing alot of my wide hero pool and through my best support main Ana ( I only play support if they let me have Ana , I'm bad with the others ) . I've thought of making an Ana Guide since I can confidently say that I am a better Ana than most Ana Mains in most cases in my SR range to the point that I don't have faith in them so I play Ana myself instead ( even though I mainly want to play DPS, but admittedly there are better DPS mains than me or other players instalock DPS when I want to DPS )

Here are some mistakes Ana users usually make and some tips that could help you .

Usual Ana Mistakes

1. Using heal grenade even though you could have just shot them 3-4 times ( most players do this when they panic when they miss their shots )
- Wasting the cooldown and you will never know when an instance comes in and you will need it .

2. Using sleep dart carelessly when its not even sure to hit or be useful
- Sometimes people just use sleep dart carelessly , Ana Mains should be mindful of Roadhogs,Reins, S76 ,Winstons and wait for an oppurtunity to use Sleep Dart on them
Instances you can use them
1. When roadhog hooks someone
2. Reinhardt charges ( even though he pins no one ) or Rein uses firestrike/earthshatter
3. S76 uses Visor
4. McCree High Noon
5. Genji Dragonblade ( hardest one to hit )
6. Winstons leaps in mid air ( easy to hit with practice ) . Kill after he lands
7. Pharah uses ultimate or even just hovering predictably

3. Still using unscoped even though you are targeting an ally Genji or Pharah
( Note for new Ana players , Unscoped is Projectile , Scoped is hitscan )
- she has a scope for a reason and it's hitscan btw
- in most cases, its all on you if you miss your shots , don't blame the Genji if he is fighting and you can't hit him .
It's a different matter outside combat though if they move alot when they approach you to get healed

4. Not using comms/microphone to call out sleeping targets and not coordinating to kill target in one instance
- if you darted a target , and you're the only one who noticed that you hit it , call for help and countdown for burst damage ,
- if your allies hit it too early or mistakenly , just move on and warn them next time to not hit it early .
- tell them if you plan to hit someone with dart especially a big target that you are sure to hit

5. Not knowing the Instakill combo for sleeping targets ( very useful for solo killing targets ) ( NEW COMBO after ANA damage nerf )
-Watch video >>>
6. Not waiting for the Zen Ulti to heal grenade
- you already know this , but always keep in mind so that you can render it useless

7. Using nanoboost even though you have already lost the fight ( players use this in a panic )

8. Coordinating with Lucio not use Amp Heal if you can heal them yourself prior to combat and coordinate with him if you cannot heal at the moment and tell him to heal for you .

9. Not healing yourself right away ( I've seen some instances when Ana players hesitate to heal themselves even though they could be one shotted suddenly )

Ana Tips

1. In most cases , do use heal grenade if you can hit both an ally and an enemy . Hitting them both will usually result in your ally living and enemy dying . Most common scenario is Rein duels and when enemy Rein pins your Rein , make sure to hit them with heal Grenade and your Rein will surely live .

2. Using heal grenade offensively makes you win fights more than using it on your own team ( based on personal experience ) . Hitting 2-4 targets with heal grenade usually results into team wipes or them trickling in so make sure you find those instances that you can hit alot of targets

3. Dealing with Winston is a routine for most Anas , usually I just heal grenade them right away inside their bubble and tell my teammates to focus him down . If they have a Zarya , just sleep him in mid air when he doesnt have the bubble yet or just wait for it fade actually .

4. Always jump erratically when you shoot ( makes you more irritating to shoot at ) ( You can mix it with strafing as well as recommended by 이태호 )
Strafing = move side to side erratically .

5. Tell your ally Genji to jump up high when you want to heal him through comms/microphone ,

6. Tell your ally Zarya to bubble your allies when they are naded/purpled if he does not notice .

7. Help your hitscan hit Pharmercy behind a Rein

8. I usually tell my teammates if the enemy has a very good Roadhog to focus him and that I will always grenade him to ensure the kill.

9. Help break shields or do damage when no one needs healing

10. Practice hitting geometry nades ( what I call it )
11. One big play that I usually do is when we are slow pushing with a Rein and the enemy also has a Rein , I walk inside the enemy Rein's shield when the 2 Reins are face to face and nade him quickly then retreat to the back , then I tell my team to just hit him as he is purpled.

( This is usually common knowledge but I'll just list it for the sake of it )
12. Usual Nanoboost targets to combo with , always call it out in comms to check for ultimate timings and that you will combo with this person , I usually just save it if its never really needed .

-Genji Dragonblade ( Always tell your Genji if he is in your line of sight to boost him )
-S76 Tactical Visor
-90% charged Zarya
- Roadhog Whole Hog
-Pharah Barrage
-Reaper Death Blossom
- Winston non Primal Rage
- Bastion Tank/Sentry

13. Practice quick scoping ( enough said )

14. Some scenarios is when you are on 2CP or payload and the enemy starts to switch to stalling heroes to contest the last point , position yourself very far but be able to heal all of them with scoping and throwing healing grenades over , enemies usually don't notice you because of the chaos going on . Reason for this is , once you die , the sustain will be gone and you will lose the attrition eventually .

15. Ana positioning is usually behind your rein, beside your Roadhog or S76/McCree or far away . If they have a Pharah or Genji flanker that may single you out , stick with teammates .

Very long post , but I hope you learned a thing or two here , comment down some questions or additional tips as I may have missed some while writing this .