Anger management is the key to success in Dota 2?

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Kent Merlou Mollaneda

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Sep 17, 2018
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It's really common to see rage quiters, verbal trashtalk, thrower in sea server that really make the server a bad name for being a server full of cancers. Why do some players do this? one common and popular reason is 'mid or feed logic' the logic that if you want the steal mid position to someone feed your self to enemy hero, a f****ing brilliant strategy. Another reason are slow internet connection (we are in the Philippines no wonder), low pc spect (game crash), and just the that's there sole reason for living pissing other people (real trash/scrub).

Can this anger management help? I'd say sometimes, you can manipulate this a** by talking to them calmly, not pissing them off more, cause there pissed too that you didn't give them mid position even though his 1000 k rank lower than you. I did say sometimes cause base on experience 90% of the game will end in an ez win by the enemy, but you can still try though it's all about people's communication skill.

So what do you think please dont forget to reply a post :)