Annihilation is a new mobile battle royale game now available for Android devices

Annihilation, Bangladesh’s first battle royale game, is presently available for download on Android devices in Bangladesh as the game prepares for a global release.


Annihilation Mobile is a battle-royale shooter game with an interactive, story-based online multiplayer in a 5v5 system that will have 60 players. As the seasons change, so will the story. Players will gain a better understanding of the Annihilation Universe. They must find a hero/agent he loves while competing against 60 others in BR mode. Each hero is unique, with their own set of perks and disadvantages. It is up to the players to put them to use. Players have a plethora of alternatives at their disposal.

Based on customer feedback, the developers have improved more functionalities. When it comes to the improved battle-royale features, the washed-out textures have been removed. It has been updated with vivid palette textures. Next, the game's primary map has been shrunk from 45 km2 to 2 x 3.7 km2.


The user input software has been improved in response to user comments. The airplane, lobby, and landing system, as well as the firing system, have been upgraded from the previous build and are now more user-friendly. The game's in-app purchase system has been altered. The entire user interface system has been overhauled to make it more competitive and modern. The store's computer system has been improved.


Users' accounts are now encrypted on a Microsoft-verified server. Finally, the encrypted file system that secures in-game assets has been enhanced and modified from the previous build. Both Bkash and Google Pay can be added in-game.

The first season, Damien in World War II, can be played as an episode, and players will be able to grasp how to protect their timeline in this season. This season will necessitate players honing their character traits and persevering in the never-ending quest for survival. Throughout the season, there will be numerous competitions and esports events. Android users in Bangladesh can download and play the game from their local Google Play Stores here.