Another Bright Future to Mobile Gaming as Rumors Regarding Punishing Gray Raven's Global Release

We have talked about mobile gaming a lot in this website and we have been tackling about things regarding the stigma and criticism about it. Things have changed in the past and those who still have the same stigma that it is just a cashgrab should give it another shot to change their minds, sure some gacha of these games are terrible but some gameplay and story is above than any other console or PC games there is. But enough about that. I've been playing Honkai Impact 3 yesterday and the previous article proved that it is more than meets the eye, buuuuuut, of course the industry will always have its competitions, and what we will be talking about that is HI3's future competitor if they do arrive in the global market.

Punishing Gray Raven is a chinese mobile RPG game created by Kuro Game which focuses on the storyline of humanity in the sci-fi era which destruction looms near and they must prevent such thing to happen. Some people in the gacha community have been anticipating the game for a while that some are even playing in the CN server just to experience the game for themselves. As from what I can research, it rivals Honkai Impact 3 in their gameplay and they are touting it as a great competitor for the game. But apparently, those who are loving the game in CN, might be able to share the love with other players soon...

As a tweet suggests that Kuro Game have registered "Punishing Gray Raven" as its trademark for US, Europe and Japan, fans and onlookers alike are wondering if this is a sign of the game coming in soon. While there are no confirmation yet, the tweet did say that it is coming soon and the rumor has been going in rounds across various channels which makes me interested to see what their next move will be.

According to redditors, Punishing Gray Raven has some advantages to Honkai Impact 3 in various ways, first of all is its combat system is different as it has a faster combat system and if you really want a challenge, the enemies hit harder than HI3. People have been telling those who are interested that the gacha is easier as others are farmable than just waiting for the gacha and the characters are both male and female so if you like some husbandos, then there's that for you too. PGR is a strict sci-fi world with no touch of magic. For hardcore sci-fi fans who like to have a mobile game, this might be for you, but if you don't mind a little magic (I, myself would like some tech and magic infused together) then it's a toss-up between two games honestly, check what you like. There are more to be compared like BGMs, artstyle, etc. but at the end of the day, there's still something we need to talk about.

As much as we like to bank it on a tweet, it is just still a rumor until Kuro Game announces that Punishing Gray Raven would be released, all we can do is hope that it will be. It already has a following outside the CN server, it is also a promising game with an interesting take on its mechanics and story plus the gacha is reportedly generous for players so this rumor might just start an interest for them to create a global server for everyone. But until that's announced a rumor is just a rumor.

Competition is always good in a game. Whether directly or indirectly, it will bring fresh new ideas for rivals to make their game better, in the end, players are the true winners. So if PGR really do a global release, it will be a great time for all of us! What are your thoughts about this, tell us in the comments below!