Answers for all Mobile Legends Attack on Titan event questions

In the partnership event between Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) and Attack on Titan, players are required to respond to questions after reading the in-game narrative. Once you have completed tasks and gathered enough Memory Shards, you can access these stories. Players can earn rewards by unlocking each narrative and accurately answering all MLBB Attack on Titan puzzles. Nevertheless, in order to complete all of the questions at the conclusion of each chapter, players need to understand the story and recall important details.


Mobile Legends Attack on Titan Event All Chapter Questions and Answers​

This comprehensive guide contains all of the MLBB Attack on Titan answers to each chapter questions, as well as the rewards that players may obtain by finishing.

Chapter 1: Cry or Fight?​

Question: What resolution did Eren make at this moment?
Answer: A. To kill all the Titans

Chapter 2: Thank You​

Question: What would happen if Mikasa’s scarf fell off?
Answer: A. Eren would wrap it around her as many times as needed

Chapter 3: I'll Handle It​

Question: Who did Captain Levi defeat?
Answer: B. The Beast Titan

Chapter 4: I'm Real Strong​

Question: What is Mikasa planning to do?
Answer: C. Kill the Titans, even if she’s alone

Chapter 5: Across the Sea​

Question: What’s on the other side of the sea?
Answer: A. Freedom


Mobile Legends Attack on Titan Event Story Rewards​

Answering all MLBB Attack on Titan answers and unlocking every story chapter will earn you points toward the Eren's Special Memories Milestone prizes. The list of prizes that can be won during the event is as follows:
  • “[Levi] Group for battle, don’t solo push.” Quick Chat
  • 1x Wings of Freedom Token
  • Attack on Titan Hero Choice Pack
  • On the other side of the sea
  • 2x Wings of Freedom Token
Remember that in order for players to access every story in the MLBB x Attack on Titan event, they must first finish event tasks. The "Get Shards" button located in the event menu's lower left corner can be tapped to access the quests.