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Any female gamers out there who are facing ping issues while gaming?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Erikaray, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Erikaray

    Erikaray Casual Gamer

    Greetings, and xoxo to all the female gamers here. I'm Erika and I'm a DotA player from Toronto. I am just curious what online games do other female members are playing here? And what do you do to counter issues when you're having lag or ping problem while gaming. The stutters are killing me...literally in the game. Kindly let me know what things to do or upgrades should I make to eradicate this lag problem in my online games.

    *Just letting you guys know that I'm using an Aurora R5 and my boyfriend helped in assembling that, and according to him it's a pretty top-notch PC. So, in terms of hardware, I am sure that I am pretty much covered here.
  2. Anasthasia

    Anasthasia Gamer


    Hello im from london and i've been playing ragnarok journey for a couple of weeks now but suddenly the game im playing is quite lagging, i also play league of legends but my ping is okay, i dont know why my ping get high whenever I play ragnarok journey.

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