AOTU World Is Now Available for Download on the Google Play Store in Southeast Asia

Developed by 7Doc, the brand new SRPG, AOTU World, has received an overwhelming positive response from players since its pre-registration was released on Android. Gaea Mobile Ltd. announced today that the game will be coming to Android devices in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and others. Don’t hesitate, head to the Google Play Store and download to get a head start!


AOTU World is a strategic RPG game built for mobile. The game combines intense strategy, exciting combat, and beautifully rendered unique polygonal styles. Players will take the role of Trainee Angels, work together to embark on an epic journey, and become heroes with the power to shape destiny! In the world of AOTU, the Creator has made numerous planets, all of which are filled with people eager to get the chance to change their life by winning the AOTU Tournament.


Combining player's movements, attacks, and defensive phases in one comprehensive turn, combat in AOTU World are fast and fluid. Under the belief that "Action is Battle"! Players must utilize all five block colors to create the best strategy to win. There are five types including: grey blocks which allow contestants to perform Actions, red blocks for Basic Attacks, green for Defense, purple for Special Skills, and golden blocks for an all-out Group Attack! The Five Color Action Block system allows players to take their strategies to the next level.


It’s worth mentioning that since more than 150,000 players in Southeast Asia have pre-registered the game, all of our pre-order rewards are unlocked. After logging in the game, all players will receive pre-order rewards including [Aotu Coin *190,000], [“Refbot 160628” Avatar *1], [Data Box *4] (which can be used to draw 40 contestants), and [Legendary Apparel *1]. As for the IOS players who are not eligible to download AOTU World, please be patient, we are currently working on that as well. For more game information, please go to the official game website and official communities!

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