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Discussion in 'AoV PH - Arena of Valor' started by ramleague, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. ramleague

    ramleague Elite Gamer

    1. Every Hero/Champion has its unique passive. Take advantage of it and maximize it.
    2. Buying boots by a situation. Just like boots, the last item to buy is also situational.
    3. All Assassins/Jungler Roles need the first wave of jungle monsters better not take it so that they can gank and win the game as early as possible.
    4. Assassins are squishy. Help them get the Abyssal Dragon. Technically, two heroes/champs should be in Dragon lane to help the assassins getting that.
    5. Tanks/Support has the most crucial part in the game. They have to protect and support their team at all times. Don't bother if you don't have items yet. You'll have gold later by assisting your team.
    6. Laning items are a must, especially for Mage/Support Users. Try to buy two (2) Pendant of Faith, you'll have plenty of mana.
    7. Last hitting creeps/minions will give you a bit gold advantage.
    That's all for today. Feel free to bash.
  2. ramleague

    ramleague Elite Gamer

    For Taara mains...

    Has anyone tried jungler Taara? Or am I the last one who have heard of it? Usually, it is recommended to use Heal or Execute, but given Taara's skills and passive, I find these useless in late game.

    Note: I just use this build for Frostbite and Leviathan. If used with items that have movement reduction passives, Frostbite can be a great talent to use in clashes. You can outlast 3 squishies provided none of them has COD or TOR.

    I have only used started using Taara regularly a month ago. Before that, I was an absolute noob whenever using her. Hehehe. Now, from 0% to 46% win rate.
  3. ramleague

    ramleague Elite Gamer

    Vio Crit build

    Core Crit (66% Crit Chance) - if you want to abuse vio's poke capabilities pede mo din taasan pa at the cost of other items though... or itodo mo na haha may BOT build ako na 106% yung crit rate eh pero pang bot lang :p
    Attrocity Arcana - 16% Crit (if maxed)
    Claves Sancti - 25% Crit
    Slikk's Sting - 25% Crit plus factor na din yung resistance. kasi madalas pag na stun si vio = deads.

    Late Game - When opponents are well farmed and no longer as squishy
    Fafnir - 10% Life Steal an +8% total target HP damage (AFAIK armor doesn't affect this) plus yung atk spd helps. i suggest getting this early
    Fenrir - +30% damage if target has <50% HP

    Optional / Utility / Survivability (Tactical Triggers)
    Frost Cape - Additional HP and Frost Power phy damage (max 450) with 30% slow on area. DOES NOT STACK WITH OMNI
    Omni - Additional life steal (10%) if you want. x2 damage for second attack after tactical fire (make sure you trigger this. 10% CD and the atk spd helps. DOES NOT STACK WITH FROST CAPE
    The Beast - 25% life steal kung gusto mo recover agad HP in one tactical fire attack sa isang wave ng creeps.
    Boots - Nakayapak lagi violet ko eh so i don't really use this haha! Though i've seen people either use Warboots, Hermes, Flashy or Gilded...for Atk spd, Mvt spd, CD, and Resistance respectively

  4. ramleague

    ramleague Elite Gamer

    How to play against a team fight backed up with Alice.

    1. Don't.
    2. Run the other way.
    3. Ignore team fight and continue farming on the other side the map.
    4. Stalk your ex instead.
    5. Post a "ngiti-ngiti lang iyan pero magmumura na iyan" related post.
    6. Pray hard. Pray very hard.

    P.S. this post is for humorous intent only. #TeamSupport
  5. ramleague

    ramleague Elite Gamer

    Introducing one of the unpopular item in AoV, Amulet of Longevity

    This item provides the user with:
    - Biggest Max HP boost than any other Tier 3 item
    - High HP regen/5 sec
    - Most importantly, INCREASES HP regen effects from item (Gaia Standard) heals from allies, and even lifesteal

    BUT, there is one thing it can't do regarding hp regen, and that is increase your heal on allies. It means that Payna/Peura and Mganga can't heal their allies more when equipped with Amulet of Longevity.
  6. ramleague

    ramleague Elite Gamer

    Personal Tips: When playing AOV, meron ka dapat OBJECTIVE. Hindi lang in-game pati sana sa pag-eenhance mo ng laro using different roles.✌

    1. Easier to team-up with other players
    2. Mas enjoy every game different heroes
    3. Mas marami na yung hero pool

    1. During learning phase, expect mo na bababa yung win rate mo.
    2. During learning phase, daming mambabash sayo kaya tanggapin mo na lang part yan ng pagkatuto.
    3. Need to invest sa arcanas for different roles. Pigil muna sa new hero.

    NOTE: Don't play rank game kapag magprapractice ka.
  7. ramleague

    ramleague Elite Gamer

    Nakaroth Tips

    #1 Highly invest in lvl 3 arcana for starters.

    #2 be mindfull when you poke and when to engage because Nakroth shines when you use his mobility against your foe. He is highly mobile and make sure to counter jungle early in the game because unlike other assassins Nakroth doesnt have that early burst potential like BF, Wukong etc.

    Lastly practice, Nakroth is 1 if not the hardest character to play that is why you dont see him much but in higher ranking match he is one of the best pic :) hope this helps

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