AoV Battle Royale, Fortnite Clone: Project Battle, Fortnite 100M eSports Prize, Battlefield and more


Mar 4, 2015
Arena of Valor Battle Royale Mode, Fortnite’s 100 million esports prize pool, NetEase battle royale Fortnite clone, Battlefield V, PUBG’s head-related transfer function plugi, and Fortnite Mobile release date

Fortnite eSports

  • Fortnite developer epic games announced on their website that they will provide 100 million dollars to fund prize pools on fortnite competitions in the 2018-2019 seasons
  • OMG 100 million or around 5.1 billion pesos
  • if you remember PUBG corp announced their push to esports scene with 2m USD prize pool, lol
  • because of this announcement, Epic basically guaranteed that their prize money will be biggest in any esports game
  • To put that into perspective the top 2017 10 games combined like dota 2, csgo, lol and etc gave out 91.2 million USD
  • take note that's combined but epic games are doing 100m on their own
  • So if you remember dota 2 manages to give out more than 30m this 2017
  • Basically, with this news, Fornite broke another record
  • Epic games also added “We’re getting behind the competitive play in a big way” no shit! “but our approach will be different - we plan to more inclusive, and focused on the joy of playing and watching the game”
  • and because of this announcement for sure, there will be lots of organization scrambling to create their professional teams for Fortnite upcoming tournaments
  • So what do you think of this news are you going to start your own Fornite team? Let us know in the comments
NetEase Fortnite Clone

  • NetEase is at it again with a brand new mobile clone but this time it's a Fortnite clone!
  • If you remember NetEase released the game called Knives out and Rules of Survival which are oddly similar with PUBG
  • This time a game called Project Battle is the latest battle royale clone from NetEase
  • The game's description mentioned there will be a “fast-paced building” in this new Battle Royal game
  • Project Battle also features a cartoony visual for its character and environment which is similar to you guest it Fortnite
  • But to be fair the game adds new features such as air, land and sea vehicles to travel faster
  • also, you can climb on stuff
  • another new feature is the tactical camouflage which lets you hide from your opponents
  • you can also build a radar that lets you see your enemies
  • Project Battle is currently on alpha so when its release we can assume that this game will also get sued for copyright but from epic games this time
Project Battle Gameplay

Fortnite Mobile

  • And for our Fornite Mobile news
  • Epic Games have formally announced that Fortnite Mobile is coming to Android in a few months
  • This is no specific date but it's around September maybe around the end of that month
  • So if you remember Fornite was released on the iPhone and iPad devices last April which gained 40 million players in iOS alone
  • According to the Epic games, the Android version will have new features compared to iOS for example for the upcoming Android version you can customize the HUD or heads-up display of the game
  • Epic games will also add a brand new voice chat the can work on cross devices
  • The gameplay and controls are also being improved like the addition of autorun and better ways for players to fire their weapons
  • So it will take some time at least now we have confirmation that it's coming out for Android devices

  • PUBG developers changed the way sound works in the game but forgot to tell anyone
  • If recently you noticed the game sounds especially on weapons sound a little bit different you are not alone and you are not getting crazy
  • Because it turns out in the recent PUBG update the developers changed how the games sound works and they forgot to mention it
  • And recently PUBG Corp admitted that the system for positional audio has indeed had some tweaks
  • according to the developer update, the new system is the newly implemented “head related transfer function” plugin or HRTF
  • This update makes it more accurate to hear positional sounds like movement and gunshots
  • The developer also apologized for not letting the community know about the recent update and promised to make changes as needed
  • This what the dev said “We should have explained the change in the patch notes. We messed up here, and we hope you’ll accept our apology,”
Battlefield V

  • Battlefield 5 has been announced confirming the World War 2 setting
  • Battlefield 5 will focus on the unseen location of World War 2 which is nice since nakakasawa na yung puro drop on normandy
  • There was no announcement if the game will include a battle royale element, if they did hashtag rip call of duty
  • but on an interview, the battlefield developer says that a Fornite style battle royale mode would be a natural fit, so cross fingers sana gawin narin nilang free kahit ung mode lang na yun haha wishful thinking
  • During the announcement, the biggest praise came when they mentioned the game wont have a season pass
  • meaning all new maps will be playable once you purchased the game
  • Dice also confirmed to Polygon that the game won't include loot boxes! yes!
  • Battlefield 5 is going to be released on October 19 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC
  • So need to upgrade pc to play this game
Arena of Valor Battle Royale

  • Arena of Valor Developer reveals new battle royale mode for mobile MOBA
  • Take note this is different from the newly unveiled Deathmatch
  • The official chinese social media of Arena of Valor recently teased a new mode roughly translated as Border Assault
  • This is an upcoming mode with up to 100 players in a new desert map littered with towns.
  • Sound familiar?
  • The new map is said to be 150 times bigger than the current in-game moba map, oh no baka lalong mag lag shoutout globe users
  • Players can go solo or party to eliminate each other before the sandstorm approaches
  • The sandstorm will feature as a border to make the map smaller overtime similar to pubg and fortnites storm
  • Players will also encounter mobs to kill so they can farm items and xp points with a final boss that will spawn in the middle of the map
  • So the team or player who kills the boss will win the match
  • Tencent did not reveal when the new mode will go live so stay tuned for updates and don't forget to subscribe because we will follow this news update
  • Also, we want to know your opinion are you excited about this game mode or are you exhausted on hearing battle royale modes? let us know in the comments