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Mar 24, 2015
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does RAM and ROM are the standards for a stable online gaming?

RAM-mostly holds the data that applications are using when it needs to read and write.
ROM-the storage of your device.

why do i lag to much when playing? what are the key points to consider to play well in the game?...
-connection and device capability.

a good reception between your ISP is the main point here, we also need to consider how our device clocks its speed while we are playing.

does it mean i have a 3GB RAM, 4GB RAM or 6GB RAM android phone and still i can experience framedrops?
-definitely YES.

but my phone is FAST having that big RAM!! and i have octacore processor?
- still got no point for this.

the point of having a "fast" device is into its SOC (system on chip) that could clock its speeds at 1.6Ghz min to 2+Ghz for each cores and able to rapidly render a heavily and extensive graphics by means of a better GPU (graphic processing unit). a better GPU can withstand high paced graphics mostly at clashing.

so how can i play without disconnections or lags and to avoid ping drops at clashes?
-have stable connection. sudden hiccups may occur but still manageable.

how can i figure if it is a server problem?
-you cant enter the game. simple.

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