AoV Joker Crash Course


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Jul 31, 2018
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What differs a good Joker player and a great Joker player is the use of his 2nd skill and ulti to dodge skills with invulnerable frames.

Tip: Use Joker's ulti to stun and cancel any channeling abilities
Tip: Batman, Murad, Zephys or Butterfly giving you a hard time? Time your 2nd skill and negate their damage.
Tip: Use your passive to harass your lane opponents before using your 1st skill to ensure you hit with ease.
Tip: Don't be afraid to use your passive to damage towers
Tip: With crit, your passive hits like a truck. You can consider using Atrocity Arcanas.

Combo: Ulti > AA > 1st Skill ( >> AA )

*DISCLAIMER* These are my preference in Arcana choices. If you think that there are better Arcana choices, please share it with us!

1. Onslaught - Armor penetration is important on Joker because your skills rely on them to deal more damage.
2. Assassinate - The movement speed is useful to help position yourself better to use your 1st skill.
3. Skewer - Your skills benefit from the Armor pierce making them hit harder especially useful with your ulti!

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