AoV Kriknak Crash Course


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Jul 31, 2018
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This crash course features my personal choices whenever I pick Kriknak!

  • Tip: Always remember to use your AA after casting a skill to proc your passive bonus damage.
  • Tip: The bonus damage from your passive can be used to take down towers faster as well.
  • Tip: With the update from ver.13, you can now use your 1st skill while flying, which makes executing your burst that much faster.
  • Tip: Kriknak can be a 100% commit-and-die hero, however you can also perform quick combos which are his forms of poke and run. Using your Ulti to and going in after launching your first skill, followed by an Auto Attack and escaping afterward with your 2nd skill.

*DISCLAIMER* These are my preference in Arcana choices. If you think that there are better Arcana choices, please share it with us!
  1. Onslaught - The Armor Pierce will help shred through armor and increase your burst damage.
  2. Assassinate - The AD to increase the damage of your skills and movement speed to roam for ganks.
  3. Skewer - Your skills benefit from the Armor pierce making them hit harder.

Thank you for viewing my Kriknak Crash Course! It's something I would use and it's completely up to you if you agree with my choices.

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