AoV Lag and High Ping, Identity V Dead by Daylight Clone, Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love and more

Guild of Guardians


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Arena of Valor lag and high ping problems, Identity V Dead by Daylight Clone, Upcoming Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love English version, Dota 2 Open AI and Fortnite 100M esports

Identity V

  • Iba ka talaga NetEase
  • Because the developer of the PUBG clone Rules of Survival and Fortnite Clone Project Battle is releasing a new game called Identity V
  • and this team is a mobile version of Dead by Daylight
  • How similar?
  • Well players can take the role of the killer to hunt down the survivors as they try to survive
  • even the heartbeat sfx is the same
  • the only notable difference is the games has a Gothic cinematic style similar to Tim Burton Movies

Dota 2 Open AI
  • Remember the match between Dendi and OpenAi?
  • Where in he got crushed in a 1vs1 with the bot
  • Well this time the new OpenAI Five will play against a full human Dota 2 Team
  • This showmatch is scheduled on July 28 according to Gamasutra
  • This won't be the first time for the artificial intelligence to fight 5 players but will be its first time for public viewing
  • According to the report, Open AI will fight the five human squad composed of players with at least 5k mmr
  • So who do you think will win the bot or the human players?

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love
  • A few months ago Ragnarok Mobile Eternal love was launched on regions like Taiwan, Hongkong, Macau and recently South Korea
  • The sad thing is all of this are non english version
  • But good news because they have confirmed that an English Version of Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love will be coming out by the end of this year
  • There was no specific mention of Philippines but we are definitely under the English version unless there is a specific Tagalog version haha
  • To add hype the official English version of the site is already up with a message “coming soon”
  • So if love Ragnarok Online the Ragnarok Mobile Eternal love will definitely be for you
  • as this, a remake of the original and brings everything in 3D for the mobile phone
  • If you can't wait there's a method on how to download the game and then patch it on English

  • Remember when Epic Games announced they will provide 100m prize pool for the first year of Fortnite eSports?
  • Well nearly all popular gaming organization have started building their squads
  • Teams like Alliance, Cloud9, Faze Clan, Optic Gaming, Team Liquid, Fnatic and many more
  • Its 100m USD, the biggest esports prize pool ever so you can blame them
  • To those who don't the 2017 combined prize pool of every major esports tournament like ti18, colone etc is 91.2m USD, combined yun ah
  • Pero sa Fortnite 100m usd in one event
  • Dapat talaga gumawa nako ng team ano maganda team name? tpos sponsored ng ace hardware haha

AoV Lag Again
  • Last week almost every players are complaining of getting disconnected and lagging from Valiant Server
  • How many? this many? (show images pause 3 seconds)
  • The problem is reported by Globe, Smart and PLDT users basically almost all ISP sa Pilipinas
  • This problem happened for several days
  • Due to this many players, the credibility score decreased
  • Good think Filipinos are “madiskarte”
  • why?
  • Because they took action and took matters into their own hands
  • how?
  • AoV valiant players have started migrated on the Asia server
  • and the majority claimed that the Ping is better compared to the PH server
  • Hopefully, Garena don't notice this because for sure they will region lock users like League of Legends
  • But let's talk about the real problem
  • After the server connections get fixed for sure players will receive in-game gifts
  • then players will say thank you AoV, so parang walang nangyare
  • then the cycle repeats server problems, players complain, players gets gifts
  • this shouldn't be the case especially for players who are putting money in the game via microtransactions or other means
  • players should ask more
  • Because if ask you “libreng gift lang ba katumbas mo?”