AoV Lag and Low Ping Fix for Globe, PLDT, Smart, etc iOS Android 

Roviel Villapana

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Sep 18, 2014
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AoV Lag Fix for Globe, PLDT, Touch Mobile, Smart other Philippines internet service provider. We will discuss the possible solutions for hardware and internet problems.

Hardware Solutions
First, let's discuss the hardware requirements so make sure you have a device that meets at least the minimum requirements.

Android Minimum requirements:
  • CPU: 1.2GHz 4 Cores
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Disk Space: Free 1 GB
  • Version: 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich)
Android Recommended requirements:
  • CPU: 1.6GHz 4 Cores
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Disk Space: Bigger than 2 GB is better.
  • Version: 4.4 (KitKat)
iOS Minimum requirements:
  • Phone: iPhone 5
  • Disk Space: 1 GB
  • Version: iOS 8.0

If you meet the minimum requirements and still lagging this are the hardware changes you can do to speed up your device
  • Clean up your storage this clogs up data transfer
  • Disable or uninstall bloatware and unused apps majority of this apps are running on the background eating up the ram
  • Install lightweight versions of apps
  • Update the phones operating system
  • Disable phone vibration
  • Keep your apps updated some old apps are causing memory leaks
  • make your home screen clean
  • don't use live wallpapers
  • Disable or change the launcher to default if possible use the google launcher
  • Optimize your phone's battery
  • Disable ambient screen
  • Turn Bluetooth off when not needed
  • Never install a battery optimizer those are fake and don't work

Now let's optimize Arena of Valor
  • Go to interface and deactivate Quick-buy info, Target Info, Chat Room, Mini-map Window outline and In-game tips
  • Now go to SFX and deactivate vibration and Music
  • Turn Sound effect on and set the volume to the maximum
  • Disable Voice chat, will talk about this in the internet section
  • Set the graphical settings and particle settings to minimum
Internet Problems
Scenario 1, You have an unstable internet connection that results with high ping and game disconnections. You can remedy this doing the following:
  • Reboot your modem, sometimes it just needs to connect to a more stable data center
  • For wifi users with different router especially if you are cheap once we also suggest restarting them to free up unnecessary connections from other parties.
  • Make sure there are no background apps running on your phone like Spotify, youtube, or video apps
  • Make sure you have a good wifi signal, for dual band modem 5ghz connections are weak with houses that have thick walls
  • Reboot your phone or use airplane mode to restart the phones wifi
  • Check if other users are downloading or streaming videos at your home
  • Check if your data capped especially for Globe telecom users.
Note: Not all will work since there are different ISP like Globe, Smart, and PLDT

Scenario 2, Stable connection but still high ping and getting disconnected
  • There's pretty much not much solution here but to stop playing the game on congested hours. Meaning play when there are lesser players
  • This happens when Garena Server cant handle the load or local ISP like Globe or PLDT are having problems which are almost every day
  • Wait for the servers to stabilize don't play the game or you will just get an AoV penalties
Internet Solutions and Alternatives
  • Download VPN, there are free apps out there but make sure to select those with Singapore, Japan, Hongkong or Taiwan connections.
  • Don't connect VPN outside Asia because the ping will be very high you won't be able to play the game
  • Download other versions of the game since the Garena version is connecting to the Valiant Server, try downloading Taiwan or Vietnam. You can also download EU versions
  • Other versions have an advantage like you can check out upcoming heroes and champions
  • the cons? they won't carry on Valiant Server and connection might be worsed

Those are the AoV Lag Fix we came up if you have other solutions share in the comment